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Friday 2 May 2014

Wedding Trends of 2014 - Air Plants

Can I let you into a secret? If you want to be ahead of the wedding fashion curve, then take a look at the wedding blogs from across the Atlantic. All the way over in California, they're always one step ahead of the trends, and every year, about three or four of the mega-trends wing their way over to the UK. One of the big ones for this summer and autumn is air plants. These cute, often spidery plants, are a great way to add green to your big day, while being super-eco friendly. They require hardly any water to grow {unlike cut flowers that often need loads}, and air plants will still be alive after your big day, as a growing reminder. But the best thing? They look fantastic! Just take a look at these wreaths by Peacock Taco. Shop owner Robin has lots of favour ideas too - take a look at her shop! P.S. I found lots of air plants for sale on Amazon and eBay.

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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Wedding Trends of 2014 - Unconventional Ushers

Weddings are ALL about the girls. The bride, the bridesmaid, the flowers girls....the groom and ushers must feel a bit left out. But that's all set to change thanks to this latest wedding trend for 2014, and it's all thanks to our lovely American cousins. Over in California, ushers {or groomsmen, as they call them there}, stepped into the limelight years ago - with their trendy braces, bow-ties, and cute matching socks. And now, thanks in part to the popularity of American wedding blogs here in the UK, the trend is winging its way across the Atlantic. And I couldn't be more of a fan! British boys are deliciously dapper, and slightly eccentric - the perfect combo for an unconventional usher. Whatsmore, the UK is the home of smart Savile Row tailoring, so I reckon we're going to beat the American boys at their own game. More fantastic groom ideas on my Pinterest board. Take a look at more Wedding Trends for 2014.

{Photo Credit} Swoon By Katie, see more from this wedding shoot on 100 Layer Cake

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Wedding Trends of 2014 - Chill-Out Areas

I don't know about you, but I've been known to get a little tired at weddings. If you think about it, they're something of an endurance test - take in their least 12 hours, and what you're heels and a glamorous {breathe-in!} dress, then throw in the fact you're fed copious amounts of champagne and food.....and it's not surprising some of us might want a little rest half way through the celebrations. I'm not suggesting you supply comfortable mattresses for your guest, but maybe a little chill-out area? I started spotting them at weddings a few months ago, and now they're everywhere. Definitely a trend for 2014 - all you need to decide is your style of chill-out zone. Will you go shabby chic with your mum's old Laura Ashley sofas? Or how about Gentleman's Club style - with lovely vintage leather Chesterfields? Or a zen beach vibe, with lots of squishy bean-bags? Either way, take pity on your friends' feet, and provide a little comfort. More ideas on my Pinterest board & Facebook page.

Friday 17 January 2014

Wedding Trends of 2014 - The Great Wedding Bake-Off

Last year, we all went crazy for the Great British Bake-Off....again! Watched by millions, the programme has turned the nation baking mad - even men are turning their hand to baking the perfect souffle. So if you add in the DIY craze that's still dominating the wedding world, you get a HUGE trend for 2014....Wedding Bake-Offs. Essentially, it's a mini-version of the Great British Bake-Off on one night. Instead of providing pudding, challenge your guests to bake the perfect cake or desert, create a desert table, and instead of cutting one cake, cut dozens! As bride and groom, you get to be the judges {of course!}, and you could even provide a special prize cup for the winner. For inspiration, enjoy the look of the delicious cakey treats below, or check out my Wedding Cake Pinterest page.

{Credits}  Dessert Table by Margaux Kropf, picture by Kali Leenstra. See the rest of this wedding on The Wedding Chicks

{Credits} Cakes by Azale, picture by Sonya Khegay. See the rest of this wedding on The Wedding Chicks

{Credits} Cakes by Cakes by Rumy, picture by Jen Huang. See the rest of this wedding on 100 Layer Cake

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Tuesday 14 January 2014

Wedding Trends of 2014 - Sequins

Spotted on the 2014 Spring/Summer catwalks, sequins were everywhere, and they'll be a massive trend for 2014 weddings. But these weren't the pink sequins of a six-year old wanna-be-Princess, they were elegant, modern and striking. Marc Jacobs chose striking petrol blues, Givenchy vertical black stripes, and Tom Ford, a square snake-skin effect. To translate this into the wedding world, planners are picking individual details and giving them a subtle shimmer. You don't want your whole wedding themed around sequins, just a few special accents. Whether it's your dress, the table cloths, or just your confetti, stick to golds, blues and even dark greens. I love these ides below, but take a look at my Pinterest board for more ideas.

{Photo Credit} 1. The Cake That Ate Paris | 2. Sequin Love Sign, £250 by Pocket Full of Dreams UK

Thursday 2 January 2014

Wedding Trends of 2014 - Pantone's Radiant Orchid

For those of you who don't follow the Colour of the Year {where have you been??!!}, it's the shade named each year by the colour company Pantone. Last year it was all about Emerald Green, and 2012 was all about Tangerine Tango. This year, the colour is Radiant Orchid, a warm purple with pink undertones, which apparently radiates great joy, love and health. Hmmmm....generally I'm a little sceptical about colour companies and their claims, but Pantone is pretty authoritative on trends, and I can guarantee similar purple colours will crop up across the wedding world throughout 2014. The added benefit is that it's a lot more wearable than Emerald Green or Tangerine {!}, and your bridesmaids won't mind wearing a radiant orchid gown, or carrying bouquet of pretty purple flowers! Here are a few of my favourite on-trend wedding details. P.S. I'm very pleased to point out that my blog uses radiant orchid as one of its accent colours....sooooo on trend it hurts!

{I want this!} Clockwise from Top Left
1. Purple Bridesmaid Maxi Dress by Blush Fashion, £98.49 | 2. Antique Victorian Amethyst Ring by Maejean Vintage, £430.50 | 3Glitter Heart Cake Toppers by Gnomes Whimsy, £6.19 for 24 | 4. Bridesmaid Purple Anemone Hair Clip by KisforKani, £17.96 | 5. Yippee Penant Flag by Betawife, £30.97, | 6. Three Blackberry Pie Paper Pom Poms by Pomtree, £7.43

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Monday 9 December 2013

Wedding Trends of 2014 - Carnations

Unloved by many, 2014 is going to see the come-back of the carnation. Not just a supermarket cheapie, this {admittedly very reasonable} bloom looks FABULOUS en masse. In many ways a carnation is just a miniature version of a peony, but available all year round, and in a veritable rainbow of colours. Just like baby's breath, it's a flower saviour for brides on a budget. To make carnations work for your wedding, start with one shade per bouquet or display, and remember this trend is all about quantity over quality. Buy as many as you can, and bunch them together in extravagant displays. But remember it's all or nothing. Don't start adding other blooms, or things could start looking cheap not chic. For more ideas, take a look at my Carnation Wedding Ideas Pinterest board.

{Photo Credit} Unknown

{Photo Credit} Wedding Design by Jeffrey Caballero, picture by Taryn and Shelby of Joielala Photographie. More from this wedding on 100 Layer Cake.

{Photo Credit} 1. Unknown | 2. Flowers by A Hana Design, picture by Closer to Love Photography. More from this wedding on Style Me Pretty

{Photo Credit} 1. Flowers by Brown Paper Design, picture by Docuvitae. More from this wedding on Style Me Pretty | 2. Picture by Orange Turtle Photography, more from this wedding on One Lovely Day

{Photo Credit} Flowers by A Hana Design, picture by Closer to Love Photography. More from this wedding on Style Me Pretty

{Photo Credit} 1. Picture by Mr & Mrs Photography, more from this wedding on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | 2. Flowers by Michelle Edgemont, picture by Stacey Simpson for Levi Stolove Photography. More from this wedding on Michelle's blog

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Tuesday 12 November 2013

Wedding Trend for 2014 - Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

If you're the opposite of a Princess bride - i.e. someone who's loves poufy Vera Wang-style wedding dress, then you're going to fall head-over-heels for these amazing modern gowns by ShopDionne. They're bang on trend for 2014, which is going to be all about the two-piece wedding gown. Stylish and economical, separates are much more likely to be worn again, so they're a great choice for brides with one eye on their budget. Dress designer, Anya is Canadian, and she sells her mini-collection of wedding gowns on Etsy. Each item is stylish, and handmade, and really reasonably priced.... the top gown in particular, looks almost couture in style, and it comes in at under £1400.

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