Friday, 11 February 2011

The Wedding Dress Hunt - Delphine Manivet

Okay, it's wedding blog confession time. After insisting I wouldn't spend more than a thousand pounds on a wedding dress, and that it was outrageous to consider spending any more, I've chosen a Delphine Manivet gown. OUCH! It's SO much more than a thousand pounds, and my wonderful mum has offered to pay for it, but I've got severe buyer's remorse on her behalf. The problem is I love it. I love it more than The Boy {almost}, and when I tried it on for the second time, this wonderful feeling of relief swept over me, because I knew I'd finally found the right dress. It has begun to become a bit of an issue for me. Everyone kept asking whether I'd found my gown, and with only four months to go, it was all becoming far too stressy. Not being a fashion person, it had become something of an endurance test, and I felt I was failing at being a happy bride, because choosing a dress is supposed to be fun, right? Pictured below are some of Delphine Manivet's gorgeous dresses {photos by Kiss the Groom}, but if you want to know which one is mine, you'll need to check out my Twitter feed @beforethebigday, because I can't risk The Boy seeing it here! Click here for more on My Wedding.

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