Tuesday 30 April 2013

Five Wedding Jewellery Traditions

Weddings are one giant tradition-fest! From the white wedding gown, to the church service, the best man's speech, the first dance and the bouquet toss, your big day will be a constant nod to tradition. You might find some of the customs restricting, but when it comes to bridal jewellery, you're going to L-O-V-E the traditions, mainly because the bride comes out of it pretty well!

1. Pearl Earrings - Traditionally the groom or the father-of-the-bride gives the bride pearls on her wedding day. The jewels symbolise unblemished perfection, purity and innocence, and the ancient Greeks believed pearls would help ensure marital bliss and prevent newlywed brides from crying. Needless to say, I'm particularly keen on this custom!

2. Bridesmaids' Jewellery - I discovered this fabulous tradition when my cousin asked me to be her bridesmaid. Aged nine, I was thrilled to be given an elegant gold necklace. It was the most exciting present I'd ever received, and to this day I still have it as a momento of their wedding day. You don't have to spend a fortune on your bridesmaids' present - a lovely piece of prom jewellery from Jon Richard would be a lovely thank you gift for their help and support on your big day. Plus it'll make them look glam in the wedding pictures.

{Photo Credit} 1. Unknown | 2. Ben Q Photography - view the whole shoot on the Wedding Chicks

3. Cufflinks - Just like your bridesmaids, it's traditional for your ushers to receive a present on your wedding day. On our big day we skipped this custom, and gave our ushers sunglasses instead {we had a destination wedding in France}! But I did give my husband a lovely pair of cufflinks on the morning of our wedding day, and he now wears them every day to work.

4. Your Engagement Ring - a solitaire diamond is traditional, but we all know engagement rings come in every shape and size. Men are meant to spend one month's salary, but according to a recent survey, a third of brides are happy to chip in for their engagement ring!

{Photo Credit} 1. Elizabeth Messina of Kiss the Groom - view entire shoot on Inspired By This

5. Wedding Ring - Of course! We all know about the tradition of giving wedding rings, but did you know it started in ancient Rome? It used to be just the bride who received a ring, but in the 1920s the American jewellery industry started a marketing campaign aimed at encouraging men to wear a wedding ring as well. Those Mad Men were pretty successful, and by the late 1940s, double-ring ceremonies made up for 80% of all weddings. Will your husband wear a wedding ring?

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