Friday 12 April 2013

How Will You Wear Your Wedding Veil?

Will you be wearing a wedding veil? And will you walk down the aisle with it covering your face? There's something deliciously romantic about the moment when a groom moves the veil away from his bride's face, although fewer brides choose the traditional option nowadays. Long, cathedral-length veils like the Delphine Manivet veil I chose for my wedding day, are also falling out of fashion, with birdcage veils, and mini fascinator-style veils gaining in popularity. I'm particularly keen on the whimsical range offered by online boutique, Twigs & Honey. They're designed to be fastened quite far forward in your hair, and then folded back as you greet your future husband. So maybe the old-school tradition will pose a come-back. What do you think - forwards, or backwards?

{Product Credits} All wedding veils from Twigs & Honey by Myra Kim

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