Monday 22 April 2013

Real Quintessentially English Wedding: Claire & Phil

They say never work with animals or children, but weddings have to be the exception. There's nothing better than a crowd of cute little bridesmaids and pageboys, and a dog wearing a bow-tie. Anyone else find dogs in accessories amusing? {....just me then...}. Claire and Phil celebrated their day in elegant style, in a wedding that features a gorgeous strapless Sassi Holford wedding dress, pretty soft pink roses, and the dog from their local pub! I'm also loving the boys' smart morning suits and red cravats, plus a very beautiful vintage car. Most of all I'm loving how happy Claire and Phil look during their church service. Brides and grooms often look a bit scared and serious during their marriage ceremony because they're out of their comfort zone. Try to remember everyone's there for you, and it's your day - don't let the gravitas take over! Stunning pictures published with thanks to the very talented Binky Nixon.

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