Saturday, 10 April 2010

BBD Theme: On Yer Bike

Have you noticed that one of the major motifs for weddings this spring/summer season is tandem bicycles? They're everywhere! There's definitely a romantic side to cycling off into the sunset with the man of your dreams, although getting your gown caught in the chain would definitely be a worry. So whether you're a cycling fan, or just love the whimsy of a tandem bike, this is the feature for you. Check out the suggestions below, and if you're still short of ideas, take a look at Bicycle Paper Designs. And by the way...heart-shaped bike lights and personalised water bottles ARE a step too far.

Product Credits - {from top left} Save the Date: Felice Design, Ties: Projector, Customised Stickers: More and More Originals, Bicyle Cards: Kindred Knits {from middle left} Mug: Vicki Hartman Clay, T-Shirt: Dark Cycle Clothing, Biycle Stamp: Doodlebug Design {from bottom left} Ceramic Heart Pot: Acero Studio, Bicylce Stationery: Paper Wheel

Product Credits - {from top left} Invitation: One Reverie, Bicycle Stamp: Doodlebug Design, Handbag Mirror: Pressed Orange, {from middle left}Green Invitation: Kiss and Tell Cards {from bottom left} Save the Date: Cheerup Cherup, Just Married Card: Paper Michelle, Biycle Cake Topper: U R A Star House

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Friday, 9 April 2010

Real Wedding: Alex & Brian

Need an inspiration hit? Try this super sophisticated wedding on for size. Alex and Brian celebrated their wedding this winter, and got massively into the detailing. Just check out the stunning reception room; the candlebras, the red roses, the chandeliers - it's like the set of an Audrey Hepburn film. Other inspirational details include Alex's gorgeous gown and bolero, plus Brian's cute lily-of-the-valley buttonhole, and I love the bright red of the youngest bridesmaid's dress. Have you spotted Alex's beautiful jewellery? All designed by her mother, specially for her daughter's wedding day. Gorgeous pictures thanks to the team at Our Labour of Love.

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True Love

You know when you've fallen deeply in love. You can't stop thinking about them. You wonder what they're doing now. You constantly bring them up in conversation. Well that's how I've been feeling about Californian stationer Chewing the Cud. The collection is inspired from a multitude of sources: real weddings, travel, flea markets, and much more. Designer Viola explains that each invitation is designed not as a cookie cutter template, but rather to reflect a certain wedding mood or theme, which you can customise to make more 'you'. What can I say? I ♥ Chewing the Cud, and when you look at their work, I'm certain you will too. {Go ahead, scroll on down...}

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Wedding Dress Jewellery

Cufflinks are a fantastic present for the special men on your wedding day. Choosing a pair that they'll all treasure for years is much harder. These silver cufflinks by Welsh designer, Kate Selene are handmade from samples of your wedding dress, which are sealed with resin to give a hard, durable finish. She even handstamps your wedding date on the back, making them an ideal momento of your big day. Buy them for your groom, his ushers, and the father-of-the-bride so they all match perfectly, and pick up necklaces and earrings for your bridesmaids. Alternatively, you could always buy them lucky wishbone necklaces, because you can never have too much luck!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Real Wedding: Lauren & Jackson

A simple, elegant wedding can still speak volumes about a couple. You don't have to go crazy with details to achieve a truly memorable event, as illustrated here by Lauren and Jackson's beautiful big day. The happy couple picked a church ceremony, and the grounds offered great backgrounds for photos, while the overcast December sky lent for a particularly glowy light that day. Stunning pictures as ever from the team at Simply Bloom, and plenty of stealworthy ideas, including the cute heather buttonholes and the lace detailing on the cake. I'm also loving Lauren's bridesmaids' dresses. The pop of Christmassy red against a grey day is fabulous, and her girls all look like they're having a brilliant day, despite the cold!

Gorgeous Printables

Have you seen how much stationery can cost? Is it wrong to baulk at spending over £500 on inviting 100 people to come to your wedding? That's money that could be spent on entertainment, champagne or fireworks! And yet isn't it...well...naff to invite your guests via email? Not to mention the fact that your grandmother hasn't learnt how to log on. Luckily there is a third way - welcome to the wonderful world of printables. For a mini-sum of £5-10, you can buy a professional designed, custom template, and print your own at home, saving £££'s and gaining huge crafting brownie points. Woohoo!

Product Credits - {top collage} Arippke, {middle collage} Camille Chung {bottom collage} Swoon Creative

Friday, 2 April 2010

Real Wedding: Angela & Alex

The bride's bouquet usually sets the mood for the florals for the whole wedding, and for her gorgeous winter wedding, Angela went for the bold blue and red of irises and roses. You'd expect her bridesmaids to be carrying posies in the same colour, but instead of continuing the theme, she decided to flout tradition, choosing contrasting colours of yellow and orange. Somehow it worked, which just goes to show you can mix and match bold shades, as long as they're the same tone. It's also a brilliant way to brighten up a dull February day. Other stealworthy details include Angela's husband Alex {we love a man in uniform!}, and Angela's pretty half-up half-down hairstyle. Photo credits and thanks to Jessamyn Harris for her lovely pics.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Real Wedding: Tyler & Mitchell

A gorgeous winter wedding for you to indulge in today, to coincide with the return of freezing weather across the UK. Where did Spring go? Tyler and Mitchell celebrated their big day at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and emerged after saying their vows into a flurry of green confetti. I'm pretty partial to green-themed weddings myself, so I'm super-keen on Tyler's bridesmaids' dresses and her gorgeous white peony and green orchid bouquet. Also, Mitchell's button-hole looks fab against his dark suit. Don't miss the pics of the double cakes - the happy couple decided to go for two, one picked by the bride, and the other by the groom. It's a tradition that's gaining ground in the States, and I wouldn't be surprised if it appeared over here as a trend for the summer. Huge thanks to Simply Bloom for their gorgeous pictures.

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