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Friday 18 December 2015

Giant Gold Glitter Bow for Your Bridesmaids

It's a well known fact that whatever dress you choose for your bridesmaid, she'll hate it. And she'll never wear it again. It's just one of those things you have to accept as a bride, and a best friend. But that doesn't mean you can't choose an accessory that she'll wear again, and I have just the thing! Take a look at this fabulous giant gold glitter bow. Created by Lovely Littles and Co, they come in every colour, and they'd make the perfect presents for your bridesmaids. Buy them early, and they can wear them at Christmas!

{I want this!} Giant gold glitter bow by Lovely Littles and Co

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Thursday 26 February 2015

Greek Goddess Bride Style

Choosing your 'look' for your wedding day can be difficult, particularly if you're anything like me, and your normal look is pretty thrown together. With two wedding days to plan, I was lucky enough to try two different bridal styles, although both ended up pretty similar {hair up, hair down!}. Whether you're thinking sleek and sexy, or boho and feminine, consider this gorgeous Grecian bride style. With a simple bouquet of olive branches, and an elegant leafy crown, plus a divine Samuelle Couture wedding gown, you're good to go - no need even for shoes! Fabulous styling by Kelly Oshiro, incredible pictures by the lovely Jose Villa.

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Friday 19 September 2014

Wedding Beauty Preparation: Do’s and Don’ts

{Posting by Julia Bowden, Before the Big Day's Hair & Make-up Expert} Any wedding lead up is stressful. How's yours ticking along? So many things to remember, and I bet you have lists coming out of your ears. That's why this week I thought I'd take one task off your hands and create your very own Wedding Beauty Do's and Don'ts Check List. It's sure to keep you on the straight and narrow as you prepare to walk up the aisle.

{Photo Credit} Julia's make-up brushes!

Have lots of make-up trials at beauty counters. Whether you’re doing your own wedding make-up or hiring a professional, this will freshen up your product knowledge, and help you understand what looks and feels right and wrong. Why not get a trial at MAC, Bobbi Brown, Estée Lauder, Lancôme or Laura Mercier? Often you can redeem the cost of your wedding make-over against product purchases.

Use products on your wedding morning that you haven't practiced or trialled first. You're risking allergy, colour, and comfort issues on your wedding day.

Get a wedding make-up trial {if you’re going with a professional}, as close to your wedding day as you can. There's no point having a trial a year in advance, as the look won't be fresh in your mind. You want to be able to discuss any last minute changes with your wedding make-up artist with confidence.

Try a crazy new make-up look for your wedding day. It's great to experiment, but make sure you feel comfortable with the look you have chosen. On their wedding day, brides should look like a more polished and shiny version of themselves, NOT like someone completely different.

Experiment with professional brow shaping and lash implants two to three months before your big day. This means you'l have time for re-growth or tweaking if anything doesn't go to plan first time.

Get a fake tan a few days before for your wedding day. As with brows and lashes – experiment a few months in advance so you know exactly how you look, with fake sun-kissed skin.

{Photo Credit} Wedding Hair & wedding make-up by Julia Bowden Weddings

Leave plenty of time on your wedding morning. Your make-up artist should plan this with you, but if you're doing your own wedding make-up you can never underestimate how quickly time passes on a wedding morning. Allow 2 hours for your hair and make-up, and an hour each for mothers and bridesmaids. This way you are bound to have some contingency time. Always aim to be ready and in your dress 30 minutes before you are meant to leave for the ceremony.

Worry if you feel caked in make-up and you're not used to it! No-one is going to be studying your face up close, it's all about the overall look – and you need those extra touches to make you stand out in photos.

Think about the time of year and the setting. Summer or winter, indoor or outdoor – make-up can be tailormade to suit. For example, a candlelit wedding would suit a more dramatic sparkling look, whereas bright summer sunshine requires softer wedding make-up.

Squeeze any spots, or go for facials a few days before the wedding. Your wedding make-up artist will be very experienced in covering blemishes, so leave it to the expert. Facials are great but can drag out the impurities, so you may end up making your skin temporarily worse.

Create your very own bridal beauty scrap book. Once you start it'll become addictive, and you’ll soon learn exactly the kind of wedding make-up and wedding hair you like. This will also helpyour wedding make-up artists at the trial stages. Take a look at Pinterest – it's an online scrapbook with thousands of wedding ideas.

{Photo Credit} Funky Photographers

Get a touch up kit for the day - foundation, cover up, powder, anti-shine, mascara, liner, lips and blush – they're an absolute must…just get your bridesmaid to carry it for you on your wedding day!

Analyse your skin a few months before your wedding day so you have time to address any issues you may have. There are plenty of solutions out there, from a brilliant moisturiser to a quick trip to the doctor – whatever it is, get it sorted and under control in advance!

Get a reputable professional on board to do your make-up if you want a wedding make-up artist on the day. Love Hair is a fantastic agency providing an excellent wedding service for bridal hair and make-up. Make sure you take lots of pictures once you are happy with the end result, and ask your stylist for a list of products they used so you can pick them up for your touch up kit. You may end up with me on the day, as I'm one of their wedding make-up artists. Alternatively, you can book me direct - do get in touch.

Good luck! JB x

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Monday 7 July 2014

Just the Cutest Flower Crown in the World

There must be something in the air post-Glastonbury, because I've seen more girls wearing flower crowns than ever before! I have to admit, I'm a massive fan - there's something delightfully boho about wearing flowers in your hair, and if I had my time again, I'd dress all my bridesmaids in them. My latest discovery is this pretty from Mari Style Couture, who's based in Belarus! Each flower is carefully hand sculpted from air dry clay, which is non-toxic, soft and flexible. You can request whatever design you want, so your crown can exactly match your wedding flowers. Personally I'm in love with the peonies, but if you wanted a more subtle look, you could always go with the rose hair clip.

{I want this!} Bridal Flower Crown, £96 | 2. Rose Hair Clip, £24 , both by Mari Style Couture

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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Pretty Pastel Lavender & Old Lace Millinery Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Celebrate the start of the summer wedding season with this stunning wedding inspiration shoot organised and styled by Fabiola Capo Milliner. I'm in love with the whimsical prettiness - the vintage book props, the feathery softness of the wedding gowns, the wide pastel bouquets, but most of all the divine accessories. Just take a look at the chic cuteness that is the Pink Champagne Pillbox Hat, and the vintage fabulousness of the silk capelet - such a clever take on a veil. Brides keen on a hint of Great Gatsby will adore the Pearl Headdress, and boho brides will fall for the Blushing Bride Halo. Stunning pictures by 13:13 Photography

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Make Mine a Tiara: Incredible Wedding Hair Accessories

My excitement for all things wedding runs pretty high, by my pulse leapt an extra few beats a minute when I rediscovered the fabulousness which is the Ban.Do website. I first found them way back in 2010, when I fell in love with these glittery heart shoe-clips, but now they do so much more! Just take a look at these incredible bridal hair accessories. They each have cute names, my favourite being the Empress Tiara - oh yes! Which one would you choose?

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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Wear a Crown on Your Wedding Day - and why not!

It's time to come clean. Most of us want to feel like a princess on our wedding day, and there's no shame in it. After all, it's only for one day! On all the other days of your life, you can be powerful, forthright, successful women, but on your wedding day, why not give into the fairytale romance of childhood stories. So why not go the whole hog, and wear a little crown? I've fallen for this lovely creation by Erica Elizabeth Designs. Created out of filigree ornaments, freshwater pearls and brilliant rhinestones, it glitters like it's made out of diamonds. Heaven! Erica has dozens of stunning bridal accessories in her Etsy shop - take a look and see which you'd choose - this bridal cap is divine!

{I want this!} Bridal Wedding Crown, £324 by Erica Elizabeth Designs

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Monday 16 December 2013

Before the Big Day's Sparkling Beauty Christmas Gift List

{Posting by Julia Bowden, Before the Big Day's Beauty Editor} What's one of my favourite things about Christmas? Seeing that stocking packed full to the brim with beauty delights! So I thought I'd share my Beauty Gift List with you, and there's tonnes to get you gooey-eyed. You could even be selfless and use these as present ideas - beauty goodies are always fab stocking fillers! Or simply email your other half this list, in hope of getting everything you always wanted {subtlety gets you nowhere!}. Enjoy those products and have a very happy {and pretty} Christmas! Julia x

{I want this!} Clockwise from Top Left 

1. Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Cream, £36 – This is a great brightening cream that you use to get a luminous complexion. It has a lovely fresh floral scent, and gives your skin a dewy glow.

2. Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Wardrobe Makeup Set, £65 – Even though I'm a make-up artist, I always struggle to create a sleek handbag set. This solves all the problems, with a compact case containing the perfect products for eyes, cheeks and face.

3. Glossy Box Subscription - I was lucky enough to get given one of these at the Wedding Blog Awards. A great way for beauty enthusiasts to keep up to date with new beauty products. You get a selection of products each month for as little as £10 per month.

4. Monu Micro Exfollient, £15.95 – A great little find I discovered in my Glossy Box at the Wedding Blog Awards - this is a great dual-action microdermabrasion cream. It's not too harsh on the skin and smells dreamy

5. Ren Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask, £29.95 - I got to meet with Rui Branco, the Global director of Education and Training for REN last month. He’s the REN Skincare guru and such a lovely man. He gave me lots of advice about my spot prone skin, and this is high on my hit list. It reduces visible blemishes and clears the skin – a great way to kick start a clearer skin regime for the New Year.

6. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, £28.50 – For hair so dry you don't know what to do with it. Put it on before shampooing for 10 minutes, and it's like having a new head of hair.

7. Neom Organic Treatment Candle in Rose & Neroli, £39.50 – You can't go wrong with this little treat. Great to light in the bath for pure relaxation

8. James Read BB Gradual Face Tan, £22.50 – As it’s winter even more reason to give your face a little sun kissed glow and best of all you can tie it in with your skincare regime. I met with James Last month and not only is he the nicest man on the planet but his products are brilliant. I can’t sing the praises of this tanning range enough. All it’s products smell great, go on easily without streaking and have outstanding results.

9. ProGenius Nude Treatment Oil, £58 - If like me you also have dry patches {as well as spots – lucky me!} don’t despair. To some, it may feel odd putting oil on the skin, but this ProGenius oil nourishes and protects, and sometimes stops the skin from secreting too much sebum thus counteracting the blemishes. With Omega 6, 7 & 9 – it’s a treat for winter-battered skin.

10.  MAC Nocturnals Pigments & Glitter - Black & Gold, £25.50 – Last but not least we all need a bit of Christmas sparkle in our make –up bag. These 5 stackable jars will dazzle everyone for those special occasions and will last you forever.

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Thursday 21 November 2013

Super-Glam Sophisticated Bridal Jewellery

Brides who like a bit of glitz {I'm thinking Jenny Packham-style glamour}, are going to L-O-V-E my latest wedding discovery. Just take a look at these amazing headdresses from Willow Moone. Aren't they just the bomb?? They pick up on the big jewellery trend that we're seeing right now {lots of v large necklaces spotted in Anthropologie & J Crew}, and add a massive luxury twist. Every piece is hand-created by boutique owner Debbie Bailie-Collins out of perfect crystals, scattered artfully on to the finest ivory illusion bridal tulle. There's something very vintage, flapperish and 20's about them, and I have a serious obsession with the whole collection.

{I want this} 1. Lujon - Crystal Art Deco 1920's Tulle Headpiece, £330 | 2. Ishtar - Crystal Silk Organza Headpiece, £398.89

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Monday 11 November 2013

Boho Hippy Wedding Hair

Boho brides are going to love these feathery hair extensions from Feather Ray. Add them to your hair for a hippy festival look, or coordinate your bridesmaids with subtle matching strands. Every extension is handpicked and once applied, can be curled, straightened or styled like your own hair. Choose from a natural blend for subtle flecks or go wild with the Rainbow Festival mix. They're only £15 for a pack of seven - cheap and chic!

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Monday 2 September 2013

A Fab Alternative for a Star-Bride

Modern brides are eschewing the classic veil for some seriously on-trend accessories. Why not use your wedding day as an excuse to purchase that fabulous feathered hat you've had your eye on for months? Or add a dramatic diamond clasp to your chignon? Right now I'm channelling stars with these cute starlet crown from Giant Dwarf.

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Thursday 8 August 2013

Pretty Flower Crowns For Your Bridesmaids

If you're a regular reader of Before the Big Day, you'll know that nothing gets me more excited than a good flower crown. That, and bunting. I'm very big on bunting as well! So I hope you won't mind me featuring a selection of particularly pretty pictures of gorgeous headdresses by Rosie of Vintage Posie. The shots were taken by her friend and wedding photographer Kathryn Hopkins, and I'm sure you'll agree they look stunning! I love the wallpaper in the background as well - wouldn't that look great as the backing to your wedding invitations? Lovely wedding inspiration all round!

{Photo Credit} Kathryn Hopkins

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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Je T'Aime - French Flower Crowns For Your Bridesmaids

When I was growing up, my Mum would aways say that I looked 'French', whenever I'd made a particular effort to look good. So for me, 'looking French' has always been the byword for chic and stylish. And that's why it's not surprising to me that Parisian designer, Pauline Dröm, has taken my favourite trend for this summer - flower crowns - and given them a touch of je ne sais quoi. Buy them for your bridesmaids and flower girls, and sport one yourself at all of this summer's BBQ's.

{Credit} Crown of Roses, £58

{Credit} Crown of Daisies, £40

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Friday 14 June 2013

Incredible Luxe Bridal Headware & Accessories

For me there was never any question that I was going to wear a veil. But lots of brides are far more modern, and choose to wear hat or glittery hair accessory. To be honest I've never been that keen on the fascinator look {too Kate Middleton}, until I stumbled across Jane Taylor Millinery. Her work is so beautiful that it's totally blown away all my preconceptions. Just check out these heavenly ethereal designs, and there's many more on her website. Once again I'm wishing for another wedding so I can try out a different bridal style, with one of these gorgeous pieces!

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Thursday 8 November 2012

Wedding Hair Tutorials

On our wedding day, ideally we'd all like to have our hair styled by a professional. But if you can't afford a hair and make-up artist to come to your house, or your normal hairdresser doesn't do chignons, help is at hand! Thanks to the wonders of the wedding blogging world, and Pinterest, I've discovered dozens of amazing hair-styling tutorials. They all look reasonably easy, and with a bit of practice, plus a couple of handy bridesmaids, I'm sure you could DIY-Your-Do. Why not invite your girlfriends over for a bottle of champagne and a trial? Check out my favourite tutorials. P.S. If you're looking for a fabulous hair and makeup expert, I hugely recommend our Blog Beauty Expert, Julia Bowden. Take a look at her Beauty Blog Posts.

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Thursday 30 August 2012

How To Make a Wedding Flower Crown

One wedding trend that looks set to run and run is the boho look. With Kate Moss setting the tone with her festival themed wedding, and teepee weddings huge for summer 2012, I'm betting 2013 will be the year of the boho bride. For a fun and easy way to create the boho look, dress your bridesmaids in flower crowns. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, these versatile accessories can look as glamorous, or as country-chic as you like. An added plus is their super easy to DIY - partly thanks to this brilliant tutorial by Brittany Watson Jepsen via Etsy Weddings. Brittany is easily one of my favourite DIY bloggers - she lives in Denmark, and writes a fabulous blog called The House That Lars Built, with tonnes of DIY wedding ideas and inspiration.

{Photo Credit} Photography by Brittany Watson Jepsen and Amanda Thomsen.

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Monday 4 June 2012

Hair Accessories for a Non-Veil Loving Bride

Not keen on veils? Wondering what on earth to wear instead? Try one of these exquisite fascinators from Twigs & Honey. Chic, original and utterly romantic, they'll add a touch of pretty pastel to your big day, without breaking the bank. Self-taught, boutique designer Myra Callan creates every one from her studio in Oregon, and is more than happy to take on bespoke requests. Don't forget your bridesmaids, they'd look stunning in these feathered hats or corsages, and you could choose different colours according to their personality. Check out Twigs and Honey for Myra's whole collection.

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Thursday 31 May 2012

Beautiful Twenties-Style Wedding Hair Accessory

A quick wedding hair accessory hit for you this lunchtime. I've fallen for this Great Gatsby-style bridal cap by Erica Elizabeth Designs. Made out of Russian netting, teamed with silver sequin beaded trims and dotted with light catching rhinestones and rhinestone appliques, it would be a stunning addition to your wedding day attire. Take a look at Erica's website and Etsy shop for tonnes more wedding accessory ideas.

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Wednesday 25 April 2012

And She Wore Wedding Flowers in Her Hair

Add a touch of garden gorgeousness to your wedding hair with these stunning floral hairpieces care of Sibo Designs. Sheila Bobeldijk started her boutique business after her planning her own wedding. She found it hard to find the perfect wedding hair piece in her home country of Holland, so she started making her own, and aren't they stunning! The white anemone with the black centre is my favourite, which is yours?

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Thursday 22 March 2012

Welcome Our New Wedding Beauty & Hair Expert

Now that Before the Big Day is over 2 years old {my baby, so big!}, it's time for this boutique wedding blog to get growing! I'm all about roping in as much wedding expertise as possible, because I want you to be able to plan an exquisite wedding, with tonnes of beautiful details to make it stand out from the crowd. You're also going to want to look your very best on your big day, and I'm the first to admit that wedding beauty and make-up are not my speciality. So that's why I'm thrilled to welcome the lovely Julia Bowden to the Before the Big Day wedding blog team!

{Photo Credit} Julia Bowden's hair & make-up work.

Julia is a professional make-up artist and hair stylist who works on music videos, adverts, fashion shoots, TV and films. She's a serious name in the hair and beauty world, but {thank goodness} she loves working as a bridal make-up artist as well. For brides-in-the-know, she's a secret beauty weapon, and I've heard her name mentioned in hushed tones at many a wedding reception.

If you're on the search for a make-up artist and hair stylist for your wedding, contact Julia or follow her on Twitter, but in the meantime, enjoy her beauty and hair advice for free on Before the Big Day! Click back on the blog tomorrow for her first posting - My Top 5 Wedding Beauty Products Ever.

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