Tuesday 18 March 2014

Wear a Crown on Your Wedding Day - and why not!

It's time to come clean. Most of us want to feel like a princess on our wedding day, and there's no shame in it. After all, it's only for one day! On all the other days of your life, you can be powerful, forthright, successful women, but on your wedding day, why not give into the fairytale romance of childhood stories. So why not go the whole hog, and wear a little crown? I've fallen for this lovely creation by Erica Elizabeth Designs. Created out of filigree ornaments, freshwater pearls and brilliant rhinestones, it glitters like it's made out of diamonds. Heaven! Erica has dozens of stunning bridal accessories in her Etsy shop - take a look and see which you'd choose - this bridal cap is divine!

{I want this!} Bridal Wedding Crown, £324 by Erica Elizabeth Designs

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