Monday 3 March 2014

Fun Wedding Lawn Games

It seems impossible to me that anyone got bored during our wedding reception. It all passed in a flash - we walked out of the chapel into a swirl of confetti, dashed around chatting to as many people as we could, had our portrait pictures taken, and then before I knew it, we were sitting down to dinner. Two hours gone in a matter of minutes! However it's quite possible that time might drag slightly for your guests, particularly if they don't all know each other that well. One way to break the ice, is to provide fun wedding lawn games, and to ask your ushers to get the guests involved. This works particularly well with families, as children of nearly all ages can get involved as well. The lawn games also make fantastic photo-props for your wedding photographs. If, like me, you're not completely comfortable in front of the camera, doing something fun and a little silly will make you relax, and appear more natural in your wedding pictures. Take a look at these fabulous photographs for inspiration. P.S. We bought boules from eBay for our French wedding, and the competition got pretty fierce amongst the ushers!

{Photo Credit} Kristyn Hogan via Elizabeth Anne Designs

{Photo Credit} White Box Weddings via Wedding Window

{Photo Credit} David Purslow Photography

{Photo Credit} Dan O'Day Photography via Green Wedding Shoes via Intimate Weddings

{Photo Credit} Photography by Beulah via Style Me Pretty via Intimate Weddings

{Photo Credit} Cotton Candy Weddings

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