Friday 27 March 2015

Wedding Trends of 2015 - Skinny Engagement Rings

We're all used to the concept of wearing two rings on your wedding finger, but this year is going to be all about ring stacking. Instead of one expensive solitaire, fashion forward brides and their grooms are choosing several, skinny engagement rings. It's such a fantastic idea! Every dainty ring complements the next, and you can carry on adding each anniversary, or when you have your first baby. It's also the perfect choice for budget-conscious couples, as each ring can cost as little as £100. I love these rings by Nicole Scheetz, but you can find plenty more from Nikki Stark Jewellery, Crystal Stone London, and from Cat Bird NYC {aka my favourite jewellery shop of all time}.

{I want this!} Clockwise from top left: 1. Opal Ring Set, £185 | 2. Stacking Ring Set, £75.50 | 3. Infinity Stacking Ring Set, £130 | 4. Birthstone Ring Set, £203

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