Thursday 12 March 2015

Styling Your Groom

Grooms fall into two categories. They either couldn't get a stuff about how they look, or in the months ahead of their wedding, they suddenly turn into a complete peacock, preoccupied with every detail of their outfit. In my experience, most grooms end up falling into the second group - it's just a question of when.........and needless to say, it's usually with two days to go. My husband finally realised that he needed to buy himself a tie 24 hours before we left for France. Luckily we lived in London, so he wasn't short of options, but honestly, I could have killed him!! Make sure that doesn't happen to you, by buying your man one of these fabulous, fashionable ties from V Knit. Stylish, slim, and they come in every colour......simples!

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