Monday, 16 March 2015

The Seven Best Apps for Planning Your Wedding

Like all of us, I'm slightly addicted to my iPhone. I've recently made myself go cold turkey at night - once I'm in bed, I'm not allowed to turn it on. It's made me start reading books again, and I'm no longer tweeting late at night! But I have to admit, I miss my late-night Pinterest binges, and I'm not as up to date with all the other wedding blogs I follow. If you're planning your wedding, there's a few Apps I really recommend downloading - they'll give you inspiration, and help you keep your ideas in order, and even help you with booking a rehearsal dinner.

Pinterest - If you haven't discovered this site, it's going to slightly blow your mind. Packed full of inspirational 'Pinned' pictures, you could lose days of your life looking through wedding ideas. I recommend following a few of your favourite bloggers, wedding dress designers, florists and wedding stationery designers. Then create boards for each component on your wedding. It's a great way to keep all your ideas together, and in some sort of order. Plus on a practical note, I used my Pinterest boards to show my wedding suppliers {planner, florist, hairdresser, etc}, my style aesthetic. I found the pictures got my message across much faster than words - particular considering I got married in France, and I'm not fluent in French!

WedPics - I've fallen slightly in love with this app! Most couples create a website for their wedding day, but this enables you to create an app - GENIUS! You can add all the details for your big day, including a schedule, accommodation specifics and your wedding list, and then ON your wedding day, all your guests can upload their iPhone pictures, so you've got them all in one place. Brilliant!

Brides Wedding Planner - Choosing a wedding dress was the hardest part of my wedding planning. This Brides app does all the hard work for you, listing all the wedding dresses in the world *slight exaggeration*, so you can flick through them with a swipe of your finger. Select by style or designer of both!

Source - A new discovery, I wish I'd found before my big day, Source sorts out your life. If you need honeymoon suggestions, ring recommendations, a bespoke suit for your groom, a recommended restaurant for your rehearsal dinner or simply wine suggestions, this is the app for you. Tap the in-app bell, and you find yourself instantly connected to one of their experts, who'll respond promptly with several brilliant suggestions. Click for a free 30 day membership.

eBay - I bought nearly all my wedding supplies on eBay. Luggage tags, pashminas, washi tape, grosgrain ribbon, invitation envelopes - I found everything was cheaper, even with delivery costs. I'm a massive eBay fan. The iPad app is even better than the iPhone one.

Etsy - This amazing app is your outlet to thousands of creative mini-boutiques, all over the world. I'm constantly staggered by the range and scope of sheer weddingy fabulousness on Etsy. It will blow your mind.

Bloglovin' - This brilliant app pulls together all your favourite wedding blogs into one simple space. It's easy to use, and you can save posts for future reference. You can start by finding Before the Big Day!

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