Tuesday 4 February 2014

The Quickest Way to Pretty Quirky Wedding Nails

Regular readers of this blog will know that no wedding detail is too small! While the uninitiated may think it's enough to choose the perfect wedding flowers, favours, dress and stationery, I'm getting excited about the tiny things, like how to have the best-dressed cutlery, shoe stickers {yes really}, and now.....pretty wedding nails. In some ways, how your hands look is going to be of primary importance. You're going to be given an exciting new ring, you're already wearing a gorgeous engagement ring, you're holding a bouquet, and sooner or later, someone is certain to take a picture of your hands - probably your wedding photographer. So give that man or woman something to admire....just think how many ordinary French manicures they've pictures already....and add these cute nail decals by Stick It Vinyl. My favourites are the dandelions - there's something about making a wish on your wedding day that suits my whimsical nature.

{I want these!} All nail stickers / decals by Stick It Vinyl, from £1.25 per nail

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