Wednesday 5 February 2014

Introducing Written With Light Wedding Photography

Three years ago, when I was choosing my own wedding photographer, I thought it would be a business transaction. My concerns were cost and quality, and it never really occurred to me that I needed to really like my wedding photographer. I mean obviously I had to respect them professionally, and find them easy to get on with, but I never expected to actually like them as a potential friend. Now I see that this is ESSENTIAL, and it's why I'm delighted to introduce Hannah Vine from Written With Light Photography. Hannah's a self-declared hopeless romantic, who makes a special effort to find out the story behind each couple, so she can reflect their personalities through her pictures. Hannah understands the need to build a personal relationship, feels real warmth towards her clients, and it shows in her lovely wedding photographs. Written With Light Photography has a super-clear, flexible pricing structure to fit every budget. Hannah charges £50 an hour, so a twelve hour wedding would cost £600. Couples can buy the copyright of their images {in a prettily packaged disco} for £100, and beautifully created wedding albums for an extra cost. A pre-wedding engagement shoot {recommended!} only costs £50. Don't miss the Written With Light Photography website and blog.

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