Tuesday 5 February 2013

Wedding Shoe Heart Stoppers

If you're anything like me, you'll be wanting to make sure every wedding detail is perfect! At least, that's how I felt in the early days of my planning - once things got a bit closer, and a bit more rushed, I started to become a lot more laissez faire! But with months and months to go, you can worry about the little things, and these anti-slip shoe hearts definitely fall into that category. But aren't they adorable?? They easily peel off and stick to the sole of your shoe, stopping any embarrassing falls, and adding a flash of cute to your every step. Pick them up for under £10 from Mon Amour Boutique, plus a few sets for your bridesmaids. P.S. Mon Amour Boutique also have adorable I Do and Me Too matching sticker sets for you and your husband. If you kneel in church, they'll make all your guests smile.

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