Saturday, 24 March 2012

Shoot the Wedding Dress Post-Wedding Pictures

It's pretty hard to get great wedding pictures of the bride and groom. Most portraits are taken during the cocktail reception, just after the ceremony, which is exactly the point when you {as bride} and your new husband {woohoo!} will want to chat to your guests. You might even be feeling a little bit stressed - after all you're hosting the most expensive party of your lives, you want it to go well and you're the centre of attention. That's why your wedding photographer has to be truly talented. Somehow, they've got to get you feeling comfortable and looking your best, plus all sorts of other photographer-things sorted, like light and lenses. So there are two alternative options. One is to have a first look, like in this wedding, where the bride and groom see each other before walking down the aisle, and have their portraits before the wedding. The other is to have a Shoot the Dress sessions after your big day. The great thing about Option 2 is that it gives you the chance to wear your wedding dress again {yippee!}, and you can have a lovely long shoot with no pressure or great-aunts-who-just-want-a-quick-word-with-the-bride. Take inspiration from these fabulous pictures from Christy Blanch Photography.

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