Wednesday 14 March 2012

Reasonably Priced Vintage Boho Wedding Dresses from Minna

One of my bug-bears is how much wedding dresses cost. Truly, it drives me up the wall to see a simple silk shift of a dress being sold for over two thousand pounds, when we all know that if it didn't have the word 'wedding' in the title, it would cost 75% less. Well finally a reasonably-priced, vintage inspired, wedding collection has been launched by eco-luxe brand Minna. Their 'To Have And To Hold' dresses cost from £200, and they also offer a stunning range of veils, hair adornments and capes to complete the romantically boho bride look! Trust me - you'll love them! P.S. My lovely wedding planner Kerry Bracken has just bought two for her own wedding day - a serious seal of approval.

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  1. I've got an appointment to view the Minna dresses in a fortnights time, very excited!

  2. These are fantastic, I've just re-tweeted your post about them so any of the brides I will be photographing next year and in 2013 can take a look!


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