Tuesday 21 February 2012

Weddings for All - Gay Wedding Inspiration

Here on Before the Big Day we're huge supporters of gay marriage, and we hope that couples of every combination enjoy our wedding blog. Marriage is about celebrating love, and everyone should have the chance to plan the wedding of their dreams. But it wasn't until one of my gay guy friends started planning their wedding, that I realised just how girly we are here at Before the Big Day. Let's be honest, there's quite a lot of pink and vintage shabby-chic on this wedding blog. What if you're two guys getting married, and you want more masculine wedding ideas - where should you go for inspiration? Here are just a couple of wedding blogs that I found online, that are packed full of gay wedding inspiration. I've also thrown in a lovely picture of the wedding photographer Jose Villa on his wedding day, because I couldn't resist!

{Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina}

Two Men on a Cake {UK wedding blog}

So You're EnGAYged {tonnes of Real Wedding inspiration}

A Bicycle Built for Two {wedding inspiration for lesbian couples and everyone else}

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  1. I did know those differents sites and I wish I could take more gay and lesbian couple back in France but we're still waiting for the right to get married.
    Thanks anyway for the post

  2. I very much appreciate this post. I wish I'd see more like this in the USA. Equal rights for all is a facade over here.


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