Monday 6 February 2012

Fabulous Crafting Hen-Night Ideas

When it comes to hen nights, the old-fashioned idea of one big night out on the town wearing L plates and a feather boa has come to an end. Now it's all about up-market hen weekends away in the countryside, with tonnes of fun activities, and an opportunity to really bond with your girlfriends. One of the big wedding trends for 2012 is crafting - whether it's DIYing your wedding details, printing your wedding invitations at home, or making your own wedding dress {only for the truly talented!}. When it comes to hen-nights, this translates to learning a new skill, and my favourite is baking! There's a serious ulterior motive to this, because the best thing about getting your girlfriends to learn how to bake, is that they can then each make you a wedding cake, saving money on the big day. Some brides even have a competition on their wedding day, with a prize for the bridesmaid who baked the best! So in preparation for your hen weekend, keep an eye out for your favourite cake recipes and cupcake recipes, and get your girls baking.

{Picture Credit} Incredible wedding cakes by Magpie's Cakes

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