Tuesday 28 February 2012

Real Red-Themed Countryside Wedding: Fiona & Will

If you're planning your wedding, and feeling slightly swamped by all the ideas you've got from wedding blogs like this one, focus on one thing first, namely your venue. Once you've chosen where you want to get married, and where you want to host your wedding reception, you can start to get a sense of the atmosphere of your wedding. For example, if you pick a castle, it'll probably feel more formal and elegant, while a teepee on your parents' farm would be boho and casual. Colour themes can also grow from your venue choice, like it did for this wedding at the gorgeous Compton Acres in Dorset. Just check out the gorgeous red flowers in the final picture, and you can see at least one reason why Fiona and Will chose red as their theme colour. I'm loving all the dresses in this wedding, including Fiona's divine lacy wedding gown, the bridesmaids' elegant red dresses, and even the little flower girls net skirts. Other details-to-steal include Fiona's 'I Do' stickers on the back of her wedding shoes {I had these too!}, and the ushers' matching suits and ties. Huge thanks to Tom Redman for his gorgeous wedding pictures {and extreme patience!}.

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