Monday, 10 October 2011

Real Breathtaking Renaissance-Style Wedding: Jillian & Brian

Stupendous is not a word I'd use lightly, but it's the word that jumps to mind when you see the incredible wedding dress in this Before the Big Day Real Wedding. It's a fabulous confection of ruffles and bows and feathers, with more than a little of the Carrie Bradshaw about it. And I love it! My theory is that if you're only going to get married once in your life {here's hoping}, then it's worth doing it properly. Jillian and Ben must have felt the same way, because their venue {Vizcaya Museum in Florida}, flowers and detailing are all breathtaking. This sort of wedding doesn't come cheap, but if you're working on a budget then there's plenty of wedding ideas you can steal, from the sweetie bar, to the balloon photo props and the black and white theme. You could also use their fab photographers - the very talented ladies from Simply Bloom.

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  1. Va va vamazing wedding. It's the dresses, not only the bride but the bridesmaids, stunning! My wife would kill me for saying this but the black and white mix really works well. Classy and modern..... nice!

  2. Wow! Stupendous just about sums it up. Such drama & extravagance ~ I love the bride's AMAZING high fashion veil choice and the photography is absolutely stunning!

  3. Wow - just wow! Not sure what else to say! Really love this!!


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