Saturday, 8 October 2011

Real Farm-Style Shabby Chic Wedding: Jess & Rik

If I could get married all over again, in England, this wedding is exactly how I would want to do it. Gorgeous Jess and Rik celebrated their big day in the Bristol countryside, with a glamorous farm-stye theme, complete with a tractor and trailer to transport them from the church, and straw bales for seating. Themes are all about drawing inspiration from your venue - it'll make the details more likely to fit in with their surroundings. That's why the burlap, traditional marquee and vintage suitcase guest book area work so well in this wedding. I'm also loving Jess' incredible gown, and her bridesmaids' soft pink dresses, which must be some of the most flattering I've ever seen. No ghastly Bo Peep outfits for these ladies! Fab traditional green striped straws too. Stunning pictures published with thanks to Butler-Madden Weddings. If you want to see more from this wedding, check out the Before the Big Day Facebook page.

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  1. OMG I LOVE this! I NEED to know where the BM dresses are from- they are just what I'm after! Is there any way you could please find out for me? Jo x

  2. Of course! I'll send an email to the photographer and find out!

    Editor, Before the Big Day

  3. Georgia, I agree with you - style the marquee to fit the venue, and this is done perfectly here. I love the string lights.

  4. I love the bridesmaid dresses too! I would love to know the name of the colour if that's possible?

  5. Oh wow, love the dress, love the location, love the bravery to travel on the back of a tractor :)

    All very cool!

  6. Hi What venue was this? thanks!


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