Friday 5 August 2011

The Secret Bouquet Trend of 2011

Is it just me, or are bouquets getting bigger? As a wedding blogger I see hundreds of weddings every week, and gradually a trend hovers to the front of my mind. This month, I'm in no doubt that brides are plumping for ever bigger and better {because bigger just is better} bouquets. One of the most hilarious conversations I had in preparation for my own wedding, was when I was trying to explain {in French} to our florist, that I wanted my bouquet to be 'this big' - cue dramatic circular motions with my hands. In the end we resorted to figures, and established that I wanted the 'boule' to be 30cm across, and packed with peonies....cue concerned expression from the florist, as he contemplated the crazy English bride. I got what I wanted {see below}, but my bouquet is still mini compared to some of the monsters from over the pond. What are you going to choose? Big like the ladies below, or small like Kate Middleton's, which barely covered her hands?

{Picture credit} My Wedding Bouquet by Chloe from Caught the Light

{Picture credit} Our Labour of Love

{Picture credit} Jose Villa

{Picture credit} Kristen Spencer

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  1. Hi Georgia,

    I just found your blog and love your various posts and inspiration for brides. I love the flower ideas in this post.

    My recent post on my new blog looked at the meaning of flowers as inspired by the book 'The Language of Flowers'. (

    I think it can make a bridal bouquet even more special knowing the symbolism behind the flowers used. I wish I had known about it when I was planning my own wedding!

  2. Great pictures! I love it! The flowers are really lovely. Thanks for sharing this post to us.


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