Sunday 21 August 2011

Friday Feeling Wedding Web Links

This was the week when I admitted I was really missing planning my wedding. It's taken a few months to figure it out - it's not like I've been feeling depressed, it was more a lack of anticipation. The simple solution seemed to be to plan another wedding. *Ahem, not really*. I've actually decided to throw all my efforts into planning a supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus Halloween party. That should satisfy my stationery and crafting urges, without me turning into one of those slightly psycho ex-brides who constantly looks through her wedding pictures with a tear in her eye. I've also had another fabulous week on StumbleUpon discovering tonnes of wedding web links you're going to love. Here are a few of my favourites - you can find all my wedding inspiration links on StumbleUpon. P.S. A few Halloween inspiration ideas might have snuck in.

{Product Credit} Zombie Cake Toppers by La Santa Muerte

♥ A really cute DIY wedding with a sunshine theme

♥ Looking for wedding flowers with meaning? Look up the Language of Flowers

♥ Still one of my favourite weddings of all time 

♥ Creative guest book ideas from wedding blog Love & Lavender

♥ Learn how to make gorgeous origami stars - fantastic DIY wedding favours

♥ Pumpkin patch wedding {I told you half my mind was on Halloween!}

♥ A wedding with a fabulous selection of floral bridesmaid dresses via Love My Dress wedding blog

♥ Amazing cheap and chic Vivienne Westwood shoes

♥ A wedding with a doughnut cake - oh yes - a doughnut cake - yummy!

Plus my favourite features from the famous Before the Big Day archives.....

♥ Before the Big Day Vintage Real Weddings
Beach Themed big days
♥ An incredible Italian destination wedding with more details than you can shake a stick at
Snowy inspiration for winter weddings

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  1. We're still anticipating your wedding pictures!

  2. Thanks for these links, some lovely stuff!


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