Thursday 25 October 2012

Vintage Make-Do-&-Mend Style Wedding Garlands

Add a touch of vintage chic to your wedding with these crocheted flower garlands. Make it bespoke by picking the colours, and Emma Lamb will handmake them for you from Scottish wool. Unlike paper garlands, they'll last forever. The only difficulty is choosing the colours, with several beautifully named shades to choose from, like buttermilk, mustard, moss green, damson, mocha, russet and fuschia.

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  1. oh wow I love those! If I did those for my wedding I'd use them each year on my Christmas tree! That's something I could see myself re-using :)

  2. What a gorgeous couple such lovely photo's well done!

  3. Those are lovely and look colorful. I would like to make one for my wedding.


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