Thursday, 1 November 2012

DIY Wedding Ribbon Ideas

On a recent trip to Newcastle to visit my Dad, he took me to possibly the best shop in the world. It's called RE and it's a wonderful world of wedding inspiration. I'll be featuring many of their gorgeous products over the next few weeks, but let's start with these heavenly ribbons. Add them to your wedding invitations, favours, vases and wrap them round your wedding bouquets and buttonholes. They're a fantastic way to brand your big day. Don't worry if you can't get to the north-east, they deliver.

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  1. Louise Macpherson11 December 2010 at 11:46

    Officially my new favourite shop - thank god they have an online store or I would have been most upset. Gorgeous find x

  2. Isn't it just the best shop EVER!
    I'm making myself wait for their sale, but it's hard!

    Editor, Before the Big Day


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