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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Real Sea-Side Wedding: Jamie & Adam

If you plump for a nautical theme, it'll carry you on a huge wave (sorry) of inspiration. There's almost too many motifs to choose from, starting with blue and red, moving through stripes and then anything fish-themed. The secret is to only pick a few details, or else your big day will end up feeling like a Brighton fish-and-chip restaurant - all theme and no substance. Quirky couple Jamie and Adam totally kept their wedding within the boundaries of chic, using only a life buoy and the lighthouse as props, and serving an amazing lobster lunch for their guests. I love how they've used lots of different flowers, while keeping the colour palette plain white, and their fab retro car is just the bomb! Big thanks to the team at Our Labour of Love for their gorgeous photographs.

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Honeymoon Heaven

You've vowed, toasted, cut cake, dance and drunk copious quantaties of champagne. The blooms on the bride's bouquet are wilting a bit, and your Uncle Ned is doing the funky chicken dance to in a conga line with your in-laws. It's time to leave, but you don't want your big day to be over, and it's all passed too fast. This is why you need a dream honeymoon to anticipate - even if you've just had to remortgage your flat to pay for the reception. There's hundreds of companies out there to help you on your way, but I've got two favourites - the first being Black Tomato.

From their 'Won't Break the Bank' breaks to 'Out of this World' super-lux holidays, this boutique travel company will create a bespoke travel experience anywhere in the world - just for you. Their website is pretty cool too - even if you're not getting married there's loads of fab vacation ideas.

Next up is uber-cool boutique hotel specialists Mr & Mrs Smith. If you're looking for Superman levels of romance, you'll be wanting one of their jaw-dropping hotels, where four-poster beds and star-lit champagne dinners are just the start of it. What's more, if you want the whole Mr & Mrs Smith experience, they can recommend venues for your big day, and even host a honeymoney wedding list. P.S. Wherever you go, don't forget to check what travel vaccinations you need. Nothing worse than getting ill on your honeymoon!

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Real Travel-Themed Wedding: Lucia & Phil

Inspired by the ocean and the beach, Lucia and Phil chose gorgeous shades of acqua, teal and yellow for their simply heavenly big day earlier this year. As a fellow wedding blogger, Lucia was super-keen to make their wedding unique, and as a consequence, it's a feast of wedding inspiration! Stealworthy ideas start with Lucia's travel theme, which included paper aeroplanes as place markers, a vintage globe, and also a multitude of cakes - why have one when six will suffice! This sequence of shots are taken from the fantastic e-zine Utterly Engaged - check out the link, their wedding magazines are full of ideas. PS. If the text is too tiny to read, give the pic a double click to enlarge.

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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Real Flamenco Themed Wedding: Barbara & Aaron

When the rain and grey of the UK gets too much, it's time to dream of a destination wedding. Barbara and Aaron celebrated their big day in Orange County, and added a flamenco wedding theme to hark back to their original chance meeting in Spain. I'm loving the rich red of the flowers they chose, and the dramatic black and white lace motif on the table cloths, plus the addition of suitcases and vintage postcards to reflect their travelling past. Huge thanks to photographer Gabriel Ryan and the fabulous e-zine Utterly Engaged for these gorgeous pictures.

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Real Wedding: Pooja & Harsh

Palm trees, the scent of crushed rose petals underfoot and a sea breeze to cool the air. Could this be the perfect destination wedding? Pooja and Harsh celebrated their big day in the Dominican Republic in a flurry of stunning saris and sequins. Only an Indian wedding could combine bright pinks, reds and oranges, and carry it off in style. Both Pooja and Harsh's outfits are exquisite, and I love the traditional margiold garlands. Fans a brilliant idea for favours if you're celebrating in the heat - they come in every colour, so you can match them to your theme. Huge thanks to Karen Wise for her gorgeous photographs.

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