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Friday 17 April 2015

Shabby-Chic Jane Austen Themed Wedding Shoot - Part 2

Time for Part 2 of this incredible Jane Austen-themed wedding shoot. You've got to love English literature as the perfect wedding inspiration, particularly if you're planning a marquee or country-house wedding. With endless wedding ideas, you're going to want to copy every one of these pictures to your wedding Pinterest board. My favourite spots? I'm loving the blackberries in the bridal bouquet, the indoor as outdoor chandelier in the garden, the decadent picnic set-up, and all the vintage details, including the cake stand, apple crates and quilt. Dress your bridesmaids and pageboys in antique clothing, and add a traditional feel to your wedding day. Huge thanks to Dominic Whiten Photography for these beautiful pictures. Don't miss the list of all the other talented vendors who made this Wedding Shoot possible - after the pics. If you didn't catch Part 1, don't miss it - click here.

Thursday 16 April 2015

Shabby-Chic Jane Austen Themed Wedding Shoot

Romantic brides who love their literature are going to adore this beautiful Jane Austin wedding shoot organised by Melissa Love Design and Orchestrated, and photographed by Dominic Whiten Photography. Theming your wedding around your favourite book is such a brilliant idea, although you've got to hope your husband isn't a fan of Lord of the Rings, or you could find your ushers dressed as orcs! My wedding was loosely styled around The Secret Garden, which meant lots of vintage keys and a wedding reception in a walled garden. This Jane Austin theme sees tonnes of pretty nods to literature and books, with a traditional English tea and picnic, plus croquet on the lawn. Stealworthy wedding ideas include the adorable striped wedding stationery, the antique silver napkin rings {start collecting now at car boot sales and off eBay}, using fruit as table decorations, and traditional English blooms like roses and lavender. I also love the flower crown worn by the 'bride'. Buckets more wedding inspiration on its way in Part 2, published first thing tomorrow!

Wednesday 16 April 2014

A Lucky Wedding Sixpence

'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue' ...and you'll be needing one of these too! I'm a huge fan of the wedding traditions, and the lucky silver sixpence has been a traditional wedding symbol since the Victorian Era. Glue it to the sole of your shoe, and think of it as an anti-rain talisman! Love this card too - wouldn't it make a fantastic present from the groom to the bride - or equally, you could turn tradition on its head, and give one to your future husband. The silver sixpence is genuine!

{I want this!} Silver Sixpence Wedding Card, £8.00 by Clouds and Currents, who also stock a particularly gorgeous range of chevron straws!

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Monday 26 November 2012

Mother-of-the-Bride Traditions

Weddings can bring up the stickiest of situations. Butting one family up against another, and adding the stress of a big day can lead to fireworks. Luckily there's a whole bunch of wedding traditions that'll help take the sting out of certain decisions. So if you're worried about where your in-laws should sit on the top table, what the mother-of-the-bride should wear, and which side of the church is bride or groom,  you're going to love these Top Wedding Traditions.

{Product Credit} Wedding bags by Alphabet Bags

1. If you choose to announce your wedding in a newspaper, traditionally it is the father of the bride who takes the step, and pays the bill.

2. The mother-of-the-bride should choose her outfit first, and inform the mother-of-the-groom of the colour and design. This way, there's no risk of accidental matching! My mother's favourite company is Jacques Vert.

3. Traditionally the bride's family pay for the wedding, and the groom's family contribute to the groom's and ushers' suits, the wedding flowers, and wedding transport.

4. During the wedding service, the parents of the bride sit on the left side, in the front seats. The groom's family will then sit on the right side. Immediate family take up the next few rows, on their appropriate side depending on their relationship to the groom or bride. Friends then sit behind family. It's best to put a little note to reserve the front few rows.

5. British wedding traditions state that the bride stands to the right of her Father. They lead the procession, followed by the bridesmaids and pageboys.

6. The groom's mother is seated first {usually by the head usher or another sony}, about 15 minutes before the ceremony begins. The mother of the bride is seated just before the processional (again, usually by the head usher). The bride's mother is the first to be escorted out (usually by her husband) after the bride and groom leave.

7. The first speech is traditionally given by the father of the bride, ending with a toast to the bride and groom. The groom then thanks the bride's parents and the guests, before making a toast to the bridesmaids. Finally, it's the best man.

 8. British wedding tradition dictates that the top table should be, from the left: chief bridesmaid, groom's Dad, bride's Mum, groom, bride, bride's Dad, groom's Mum, best man. If this is too difficult {divorced parents, etc}, then why not consider asking each set of parents to host their own table?

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Monday 16 July 2012

Your Perfect {Subtle} Something Blue

It's amazing how out of all the wedding traditions, the 'something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue', has survived into the 21st century. Even the most untraditional of brides tend to sneak something from each category into their wedding outfit. If you're still looking for ideas for your Something Blue, I completely adore the simplicity and charm of this embroidered wedding dress label by Etsy seller Sunshine and Vodka. It comes fastened to a hand-stamped wedding card, so would work perfectly as a wedding day present for a bride {future bridesmaids take note!} or groom {sew it into his jacket or onto his tie as a surprise}. Each one is completely unique and made to order, and DIY-designer Paulette can add initials or a special blessing on request. For more ideas for your Something Blue, don't miss my Pinterest board!

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Wednesday 4 July 2012

Have You Heard Of The Wedding Handkerchief Tradition?

Are you planning a traditional wedding? There are so many British wedding traditions, it's hard to count them. At our wedding, we mostly created our own traditions {read our DIY service}, but we did recreate a Russian wedding tradition by fastening a padlock around a fence at our wedding venue {see my blog post}. It was a lovely private moment between the two of us - the myth being you'll stay together as long as the lock lasts. Another lovely tradition from the Southern states of the USA involves hankies! It's all based on a wedding fable claiming that if a bride cries on her wedding day, those shall be the last tears she sheds about her marriage. So in America, bridesmaids and brides often give each other handkerchiefs as wedding favours or presents. The tradition has spiralled, and now even wedding invitations come printed on handkerchiefs. Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas on how to incorporate this wedding tradition into your big day.

{Picture Credit} SeafoamSAFARI sells stunning vintage handkerchiefs

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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Our Wedlock Wedding Tradition

My favourite moment of our wedding actually happened the next day. We stole away near the end of our evening drinks, and locked a padlock onto a metal arch in the garden, that was covered with jasmine. There's a Chinese or Russian wedding tradition that suggests that if a couple attach a lock to a gate and throw away the key, then they'll be together forever. We decided to make this tradition our own, but I decided to keep the key safe and sound in my jewellery box. One day we'll go back, and check that it's still there!

{Photo Credits} 1. Before the Big Day, 2. & 3. Jemma Harding Photography, Dress: Temperley London

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