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Monday 8 June 2020

An Achingly Cool London Wedding on a Budget

This incredible London wedding needs to come with something of a disclaimer, as it's my best friend's big day. Tamarisk has never been a cookie-cutter kind of girl, so it's no surprise her wedding to Ryan was uniquely awesome. From her glittery gold Badgley Mishka gown, to her practical attitude towards budget and theme, Tamarisk created a wedding which focused on feasting, family and celebrating love. If you're planning your big day abroad, or returning home as an expat, you'll find her attitude super-inspiring. It turns out there's no need to obsess on the details, or the stationery or the favours, when you've got an atmospheric venue, and great DJ, lots of champagne and a truly brilliant photographer in Joanna Brown.

We got married in London at The Roost on 29th Sept 2018
. We live in Canada now, but we met in London and we miss it a lot. It felt like the right place for us to get married was where we met and fell in love. We aren't formal people, and besides, the exchange rate was not in our favour! We were looking for a venue that already had a ton of personality that we wouldn't need to do a lot too. We were both clear eyed about our appetite and aptitude for a "big project" that would span time zones ie: not at all! When we found The Roost, we knew it was perfect…all we needed to do was add a few touches, we didn’t need to go overboard. 

My husband got a beautiful, completely custom suit from his suit makers Suit Supply. Our wedding date is embroidered on the inside pocket and my nickname for him is under the collar – it says Meatball.  

I went to a big fancy wedding dress shop once and found the whole thing completely awful. It was all I could do not to break down sobbing in the changing room. The grubby, dirty dresses that are all too small…so depressing. I hated it. After trying to figure out why I hated it so much, I realised I had bought into the idea that you HAVE to wear a white dress and I remembered I don’t HAVE to do anything. That’s when I started looking for something really me. 

I landed on a Badgley Mishka gold sequin dress that I got for $800 off the retail price by finding it on eBay. I splurged on a pair Christian Louboutin rainbow striped heels though! 

I didn't enjoy planning my wedding at all. I am not a planner. Then on the actual day when you're trying to enjoy it and take it all in, people still keep asking you admin questions. This style of wedding is what worked for us – we decided what the big pieces were that really mattered to us and spent our money there. We decided not to care about almost everything else. We wanted the right venue, the right photographer and delicious food and drink. Planning a wedding from overseas, when we knew we’d be flying out for out mini-moon the very next day helped us to say no to anything that would add a complication or a big expense.  

When it came to my bridesmaids' dresses, I let them decide. One of my sisters got a dress she already owned copied in the fabric of their choosing in Dubai.

I found our photographer on Instagram when I was researching venues. One of Joanna Brown's shots turned up under a tag, and that was that, she was the photographer I had to have. I am not a fan of the romantic, dreamy style of typical wedding photography. Joanna has this amazing knack of catching the quotidian moments that are filled with love and joy but are grounded and real. She "interviewed" us to see if she felt like we were a fit and I have never wanted to impress someone so such! I wish I could just put her on a retainer to come and shoot all my big life events!   

For favours, we went with Caramel chocolate bars because I have always loved the red and gold wrapping them come in

. We got Disco Shed to DJ the party and they were outstanding, great tunes! I walked down the "aisle" to the Theme Song from Top Gun. We didn't have a recessional. Our first dance was Number 1 by Goldfrapp. 

Did you have a theme in mind? Is "cheap" a theme?! For our wedding flowers, we got a recommendation for a whole-seller from our caterer and ordered a load of baby's breath super-last minute to decorate the tables. 

I bought a plain chocolate tiered cake from a supermarket as a last minute decision because our amazing and bossy caterer told me I should. I asked her to throw a couple of punnets of raspberries on top to tumble down the layers and dust it with icing sugar, I didn't eat a crumb of it though!

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Thursday 9 January 2014

A Garden Wedding with a Bird Theme & Jenny Packham Dress - The Reception

It's time for the reception pictures from this gorgeous Midsummer's Eve wedding. Sonya and Terry chose 20th June for their big day, and basked in stunning sunshine - lucky things! With a romantic garden theme and a vintage bird motif, there's plenty of stealworthy ideas for you to enjoy. Sonya DIY'd many of her wedding details, including the bird-stamped luggage tags for her wedding wish tree and the rustic hessian napkin wraps {very effective!}. My favourite spots include the bird-named reception tables, birdcage centre pieces, pink striped balloons, rustic pastel iced cakes, and the fabulous giant pink and peach balloons. Huge thanks to Tanya from Eden Photography for capturing every detail!

We celebrated our wedding at Kilternan Church of Ireland in Co. Dublin, and afterwards with a reception in The Village at Lyons in Celbridge, on 20th June 2013. 

We always wanted to have an intimate wedding for family and friends to share with us. We knew that as our wedding day was on Midsummer's Eve, that we wanted a summer garden, romantic theme, and the venue suited this perfectly.

Summer Garden Wedding with a Bird Theme & Jenny Packham Dress

1. A Jenny Packham wedding dress. 2. A romantic garden wedding theme. 3. A bird motif. Three of my favourite things, all featured in one gorgeous wedding! Sonya and Terry celebrated their wedding in Ireland on a beautiful summer's day, at a stunning venue called The Village at Lyons. Sonya really wanted a garden wedding, and drew inspiration from the romantic grounds of The Village at Lyons, including its cascading stream, delicate bridge, and secret stone doorways. Her wedding stationery, decorations and just-picked flower arrangements all mirrored the feel of her wedding venue, with pastel colours of pinks and peach as a palette. There's plenty more details in the reception pictures, coming later this afternoon, but first, drink in Sonya's elegant Jenny Packham wedding gown, and her bargainous eBay wedding shoes, that luckily turned out to exactly match the beading on her dress. Even Sonya's hair-style reflected her romantic wedding theme, with her headpiece specially designed to look ethereal and Elvish, like in Lord of the Rings. Huge thanks to Tanya from Eden Photography for permission to publish Sonya and Terry's fab wedding pictures!

Monday 25 March 2013

Real Simple Green Wedding: Janina & Lean - Reception Details

It's the moment you've all been waiting for - the amazing reception pictures from this eco-friendly wedding. With simple but sweet details, including bunches of fragrant rosemary hanging from the roof of the wedding venue, the wedding decorations perfectly matched the venue. I love it when brides and grooms use vegetables instead of wedding flowers, and Janina and Lean chose artichoke flowers and cabbage leaves, dusted with what looks like icing sugar. Rustic sticks add to the outdoor-indoor feel, and naked {un-iced} wedding cake continues the homespun feel. Guests ended the night dancing under a canopy of lanterns - an idea I'd love to imitiate. Huge thanks to  We Love Pictures for these beautiful pictures, don't miss the Ceremony Pictures and Portrait Pictures from this gorgeous wedding.

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Real Simple Green Wedding: Janina & Lean - Wedding Portraits

In the golden afternoon light, fabulous wedding photographers We Love Pictures,  captured these stunning wedding portraits at Janina and Lean's wedding. I've fallen for Janina's natural wedding style, her bridesmaids' pretty peach gowns, and the ushers' cute bow-ties. If only we could recreate the weather in the UK! This stunning wedding was all about the beautiful kitchen garden venue, so I love how Janina chose simple, green rosemary leaves as the main feature of her wedding bouquet. It was so eco-friendly, even the local, giant tortoise wanted a nibble! There's more from this incredible wedding in the final feature this afternoon - you won't want to miss the reception pictures - have a sneak-peak We Love Pictures' blog.

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Real Simple Green Wedding: Janina & Lean

It's easy to get caught up in the razzamatz of a wedding, and obsess about every single wedding detail, cluttering your big day with too much fuss. At its worst, this can leave no space for the natural love and magic of a wedding day. Janina and Lean chose a simple green garden theme for their wedding, and let the natural beauty of the venue do the talking. The Babylonstoren is one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms in South Africa, with a beautiful kitchen garden. Janina and Lean drew on the garden's ingredients for wedding inspiration, and you're going to fall for every detail. Huge thanks to We Love Pictures for their beautiful images - I've had to split this wedding into three, there was just too much for one post! More coming soon, later this afternoon!

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Friday 2 March 2012

Real Rustic Autumn Wedding: Lindsey & Hayley

Succulents, lace and pink helium balloons are the recipe for a perfect wedding. Throw in an incredible South African venue and the autumnal turning of the leaves, and I'm in wedding heaven! Lindsey and Hayley celebrated their wedding in the South African countryside, saying their vows surrounded on all four sides by nature. I'm loving Hayley's exquisite feathered dress, fun Vivienne Westwood heart shoes {cheap but oh-so chic}, and the little fur stole to keep her cosy during her vows. Other fabulous wedding details include the pink table stationery {Eat, Drink and Be Married!} and mirrored table displays. I love how they covered succulents with bell vases, and put proteas in birdcages. Each table feels like a feminine dressing table - such a romantic theme for a wedding. If you'd like a similar ceramic ring-bearing bowl, you can buy them from Paloma's Nest, a US designer who's cornered the market on heirlooms of the future. Gorgeous pictures published with thanks to the team at We Love Pictures.

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