Friday 1 November 2013

Funny Haha Wedding Photo Props

One way to guarantee fantastic photographs of your wedding guests is to hire a really good wedding photographer. The other, is create, or hire a photobooth. Personally I recommend both! Your photographer can do all the day shots, and then, after the cake is cut, and the first dance is done, the photobooth comes into its own. Your slightly drunken guests will be drawn towards it like moths to a flame, and you'll end up with an amazing gallery of hilarious shots. The true photobooth aficionado understands the need for truly excellent props, so you'll be pleased to know I've collected a few of my favourites on my {originally named} Photobooth Prop Ideas Pinterest board. Enjoy!

{I want these!} 20 Plastic Photoprops, £96 by Mister Mustache in Ukraine {tonnes of fab creativity coming from Ukraine at the moment!}

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