Wednesday 24 July 2013

Real Theatrical Vintage Wedding: Laura & Paul - Reception Details

Details, details, it's all in the wedding details! This gorgeous vintage big day is going to blow your mind with its incredible selection of stealworthy ideas. Laura and Paul wanted their wedding to stand out from the crowd, so they hired Chris from Beautifully Vintage to help them out with dressing their wedding reception. And didn't she do a good job! There's a old-school glamorous feel to the vintage props - I love the gilt frames, lace ribbons and old keys. Laura decided to use a vintage tea-set as her table plan - a fantastic idea I've not seen before, and she continued the theme by buying an antique cup and saucer as a wedding favour for female guest. I love the DIY'd naked wedding cake and the stunning just-picked table flowers with their gingham ribbons, plus the lucky horseshoes - you can never have too much good fortune at a wedding. Big love and thanks to wedding photographer Anna Louise Crossley for capturing every detail with such panache!

We got married on Friday 31st May at 12.30pm at St Gregory's Church in Preston, which holds family memories for my husband, so was lovely it meant something something to him. We then hosted our wedding reception at The Shireburn Arms in Hurst Green.

Anna Louise Crossley was our amazing wedding photographer!! I met her when I was bridesmaid for my friend last year, and she was her photographer {and friend} too. I love her reportage style and she just makes the photos look so stylish, yet effortless, plus I love the filters she uses.

We wanted our wedding reception that had a 'nice feeling' to it. Nothing too grand, but we wanted the room to be nice with that old but new look. I wanted to feel cosy and comfortable, but for the venue to still to be stylish. 

I also wanted somewhere different to where anyone we, or my friends, or my friends' friends had got married. Also no patterned carpets was very important ;-)! The Shireburn Arms in Hurst Green fitted the bill perfectly.

I wanted a vintage theme, but nothing too extreme, and I wanted it to be stylish and quite glam too. I didn't think I would be a pink wedding girl, but it seemed to fit the theme perfectly and I do like the dusky/nude pink look. 

Deannamic Designs created our wedding stationery, including the menus. I went to discuss with Deanna what I wanted which was something a bit old looking but with a touch of glam. So we decided on brown kraft card but with pink ribbon and pearls. All my stationery looked gorgeous.

I wanted to try and give the wedding a bit more of the personal touch so I decided to collect vintage teacups, and give one to each lady guest as one of their favours. I had lots of fun trawling around charity shops and vintage fairs looking for them {although I'm not sure Paul did!}.

Inside each cup was a chocolate with a picture of Paul and I, marked with our wedding date and thanking our guests for being there. The male guests got this and a miniature bottle of JD. We also chose to make a donation to Rainbow Trust Charity on behalf of each guest, in memory of my nephew Jack who died last year at the age of two. Rainbow Trust very kindly made a card for each guest with a badge and it was lovely to see a lot of our guests wearing the badge.

I didn’t want your usual type of wedding cake, and as soon as I started researching I found naked cakes. I couldn't decide between the one I found, or a cheese cake as I love cheese.

But when I told my Mum I was thinking about a cheese wedding cake, she couldn’t believe it {she loves cake}, so that swayed my decision. I am so glad I chose the one I did now. My friend Kelly made it, and she more than did me proud – it was just what I wanted.

I really wanted to focus on wedding details – I love organising things and having a project, and I knew that some people would really appreciate the little things I did, and that our wedding would stand out for that reason.

Our table plan was a DIY project – I decided to use a vintage tea-set plus tea-posts with cards with names/table names on each one. 

Our florist was called Flower Design and my flowers were beautiful! I found them by looking at the Facebook site of one of my friend's wedding venue. I wanted my flowers to look vintage-y and have a more 'just picked' look rather than being too 'done'. I knew I wanted sweet peas and peonies included too.

When it came to decorating our wedding venue, I started out by trying to collect all kinds of vintage items myself to use as display items however at a wedding fayre I found Chris from Beautifully Vintage

I loved that she designed what I had in my head, so I decided to use her expertise {and her lovely accessories} and asked her decorate the wedding reception instead. We talked a lot about what I wanted the venue to look like and she totally got it – it was gorgeous, and I cried when I walked in!

On the welcome table, we had old family wedding photos in lovely old frames. It was my idea, but Chris from Beautifully Vintage sorted it all out, and made it look fab.

I loved it planning my wedding! I am a really organised person so having a project like this was fab for me. I loved getting into the detail, and researching everything before I made decisions.

My advice to brides planning their wedding would be - take your time researching ideas before you choose things. It's so easy to get excited by everything when you start looking but think things through first. Also have a theme, even if only lose, this will help you choose between ideas if you are struggling. 

Also, be organised and start early – I was adamant I wouldn’t be doing my table plan at the 11th hour – and I felt so much less stressed for it and could enjoy the build-up the closer it got. And enjoy – it's fun!!!

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  1. That's great advice. Especially about refining your vision first so you don't end up spending so much!

  2. I'm in love with this wedding! Gives me so many ideas for my own and excellent advice!

  3. I'm so pleased! This is one of my favourite vintage-style weddings as well! x


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