Monday 8 July 2013

Real Elegant Lace Wedding: Sade & Brent

Thanks to Kate Middleton's wedding gown, lace is huge this season, with wedding gown designers going gaga over this oh-so feminine of styles. I'm seriously spellbound by Sade's Monique Lhuillier dress, which showcases the lace trend in stunning style, and whatsmore, her wedding is to die for! There are so many wedding detail ideas, you're going to want to copy every one - from the yellow door 'altar', to the ribbon trimmed cake and homemade jam pot favours. I'm also loving the lemon place markers and the vintage books, and the sunshine yellow colour scheme. The whole wedding glows in a truly golden light. Fabulous photographs published with thanks to Punam Bean Photography.

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  1. oh my goodness what a sweet wedding! love the yellow door alter!

  2. The wedding looks very lovely! I love the sweet and the mildness of the color yellow. I love the yellow door with the white frames on both sides. It says something magical. Nice concept and congratulations to the newly weds.

  3. Sade's Monique Lhuillier dress was really very appreciable.It was a lovely wedding.The yellow colored door was unique.I'm also loving the lemon place markers the look so cute....

  4. Oh wow! Thanks for featuring our wedding! It is surreal to see our weddings on blogs!

  5. Oh I have to say though my wedding was 2 weeks before Kate's so she copied me!

  6. I'm so thrilled to have featured your wedding! And yes, Kate definitely copied you!!

    Editor, Before the Big Day

  7. excellent wedding dress and party, wonderful photography lovely all pic. really appreciate for this post i am enjoyed your post thanks streetwear

  8. I went to one of my friend's wedding party.I had been an arranged yellow themed was a new experienced to me .I recommend you to have it.


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