Wednesday 20 March 2013

A Fabulous Picnic Wedding Theme

When it comes to any wedding, your biggest budget-basher is going to be feeding and watering all your guests. I think it's only fair to shout them a fabulous meal, particularly if they've come a long way, and many of them will even give you a wedding present. So before you start panicking, have you considered a picnic wedding theme? You could host it in your local park or parents' garden. Simply lay out blankets and cushions, or add gingham table cloths to simple tables, and create picnic baskets or boxes for your guests. Add bread, cheese, wine, ham, olives, salad and other treats, plus a little note encouraging your friends and family to make their own sandwiches. Pretty wedding stationery and details, like striped straws and paper bags, and DIY'd salt and pepper sachets will add to the theme, and DIY'd decorations like bunting will add to the whimsical charm. If you are unsure if you might have gone over budget, you could always take out your wedding calculator just to be on the safe side! For more ideas, check out my Picnic Wedding Theme Pinterest board.

{Photo Credit} Wedding stationery by Pitbulls and Posies, pictured by Eric Kelley

{Photo Credits} 1. Picnic Sets by Think Garnish, 2. Miniature Woven Picnic Baskets by Ronneice Cotton

{Photo Credit} 1. Eric Kelley

{Photo Credit} 1. Our Labour of Love - first featured on Green Wedding Shoes

{Photo Credits} 1. Cassie's Camera - first featured on The Frosted Petticoat, 2. Unknown

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