Monday, 30 July 2012

Introducing Jon Rouston Wedding Photography

Have you chosen your wedding photographer yet? As soon as you have picked your wedding date, pick up the phone to book your photographer. The best are always reserved at least a year in advance, and you'll be surprised how popular certain weekends are for weddings! Not booked yet? If you're getting married in the Nottingham area, or anywhere else in the UK, take a look at the fabulous Jon Rouston Photography. His wedding work is the perfect blend of unobtrusive reportage, combined with relaxed contemporary portraits. Jon Rouston's aim is to focus on the real story behind a wedding - the people. From the brides excited then nervous preparations, and the groom's anxious wait at the top of the aisle, to your crazy uncles dominating the dance floor. If you take a look at Jon Rouston's blog, you'll see picture after picture of laughing brides and grooms, a sure sign they're relaxed and happy in front of his camera. Jon's reasonable prices include a disc with all your pictures, and a beautiful album, but book him soon - he's already busy for 2013!

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  1. I so like the moment when the dad get inside the room. :)


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