Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wonderful Wedding Blog Links

It's been waaaaay too long since I've last posted my favourite Wonderful Wedding Blog Links. The truth is I haven't had time to do my usual lurk around the wedding blogs. Things have just been too busy over here at the Before the Big Day studio. We've upped our game to at least two blog posts a day, we have a new style of writing up the Bride's Questionnaire {do you like it?}, and we've piled on another 50,000 unique readers a month. So if you're one of those new wedding blog-lovers - welcome! There's lots of exciting wedding blog fabulousness coming up in Before the Big Day's future, so stay tuned over the next few weeks.....

♥ Fun pictures from my balloon publicity shoot with Chloé from Caught the Light

Vintage carnival wedding - always a brilliant theme

♥ This wedding event literally blew my mind with its fabulousness {via wedding blog Grey Likes Weddings}

♥ What's your signature wedding cocktail? Fun ideas!

♥ Clever DIY Save the Date

♥ You've gotta love ice-cream at a wedding {via wedding blog Ruffled}

♥ Dreamy Italian destination wedding - one for the fantasy files!

♥ Vintage keys, crochet & perfect stationery - love this wedding

♥ Feathers are HUGE this season - but a pillow fight at a wedding?

♥ Amazing free DIY printables for your wedding favours.

♥ An exceptionally cool wedding

♥ Topshop's bridal range - would you wear one?

♥ The new nail trend is for caviar nail polish and it looks better than it sounds!

♥ Have you found me on Instagram & Pinterest yet?

♥ Ethereal wedding dresses

♥ Want wedding theme ideas? ♥ Or how about real wedding ideas? ♥
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  1. Am I one of those new wedding blog-lovers? I most certainly am not. I think I have dreamed of my perfect wedding since I was 8. I guess most little lassies do. And I have been looking at wedding blogs online since I became old enough to be consulted for wedding ideas. Lovely round-up you have here. I will make sure to check on them too, if I haven't yet already. Cheers!


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