Thursday 14 June 2012

Real Welsh Spring Wedding: Llior & Will - Part 2

It's time for Part 2 of this lovely vintage 1920s themed wedding, and there's tonnes of stealworthy wedding ideas from the elegant reception at Soughton Hall in North Wales. With favours and food sourced from Llior's parents' farm, and tonnes of DIY wedding details, it's hugely inspirational. Llior designed her own wedding dress, made her own veil on the morning of her wedding, and hand stamped the seating plan and place names. A real labour of love! I'm loving all the wedding ideas, and I'm also slightly obsessed with Victoria Phipps Photography's incredible pictures. Don't miss Part 1, with more of Llior's helpful wedding hints.

We had tonnes of DIY projects. I designed my wedding dress, my veil, and the wedding stationery. I also (slightly painfully) sat up night after night using single stamp type letters to create the seating plan and place names. Plus I made the heart shaped clay favours that accompanied the luggage tag place names. Hours of fun!

My husband and I designed our wedding stationery. We chose a picture from our engagement shoot with Victoria Phipps in London {a picture of the sign Love Lane}. We also used the picture in a frame at the wedding, and it married in well with the London-sign table names.

For wedding favours, we had individual mini strawberry yogurt cheesecakes made with my parents' yogurt from their Welsh Dairy, called Llaeth y Llan or in English, Village Dairy. These bespoke favours were presented in glass jars with black screw tops, with a love note sign off.|

The wedding cake was glorious selection of Welsh cheeses and a beautiful three-tier lattice topped Welsh game pie. Our family is in the food trade, which is fantastic, because we know about all the best produce to buy for special events like weddings!

I really enjoyed planning our wedding. I feel there's a big space that needs filling in my life....I need another one to do!!

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