Saturday 9 June 2012

Real Pretty Marquee Wedding: Lottie & Jake - Part 2

With a little bit of vintage and a lot of charm, stand by for Part 2 of Lottie and Jake's gorgeous shabby-chic marquee wedding. There's tonnes of wedding ideas you'll want to steal for your own wedding day, from the elegantly lined marquee, to the gorgeous hedgerow-style table flowers from The Real Cut Flower Garden. I'm loving the dark blue accent details; the napkins, the pottery vases and the table stationery. Nearly every wedding detail was DIY'd - including the music, most of which was arranged by Lottie's father and performed by members of her family. As you scroll through the pictures, do take a look at Lottie's answers to the Before the Big Day Bride's Questionnaire to find out more. Beautiful pictures published with thanks to Fiona Kelly from Fiona's Wedding Photography and FO Photography, with a helping hand from Lisa at County Marquees. Don't miss Part 1 here.

Music was an incredibly important part of our day. We didn't want to go with standard ceremony music, we wanted it to really be about us. We walked in to 'Absolute Beginners' by David Bowie {brilliant lyrics for a wedding!}, during the ceremony Jake's sister sang 'Stay With You' by John Legend, and we walked out to Jackie Wilson's 'Higher and Higher'.

We really enjoyed planning our wedding, although it did get a little stressful at times, particularly with concerns about a venue for the ceremony. It was very difficult to find a registry office big enough for all our guests, and for a while it looked like we would have to cut down our guest list, which would have been very difficult. I really wanted to married in front of everyone.

In the end we came up with a fantastic compromise. We partitioned off part of the marquee and had our ceremony in there, officiated by one of our close friends. Afterwards, we hopped in a taxi with both sets of parents and drove two minutes up the road for a five minute legal ceremony, and got back before any of our guests noticed we were gone!

My grandmother’s house is basically the hub of my family. My mum grew up there, my parents had their wedding reception there, and various bits of the extended family go there for lunch on a weekly basis. I have always known that I wanted to have my wedding there in the garden.

A marquee {from County Marquees} was a no-brainer as August is pretty unreliable in terms of weather. The decorations just came together by themselves – I really liked the idea of having bunting, and I wasn’t keen on having everything perfectly colour-coordinated.

We initially wanted to have a great big chocolate wedding cake, but we were concerned that in August it might melt and/or not be eaten on a hot day. Instead we decided to have five flavours of cupcakes from Primrose Bakery which went down very well. Lots of guests took them home with them as wedding favours.

Our photographer was the wonderful Fiona Kelly. We looked online at lots of photographers and we really liked Fiona's pictures, as well as her easygoing and friendly personality, which was really clear from her website.

Our good friend Jenny Shayler designed our wedding stationery. During the design process she emailed asking for photographs of us both in profile, as she wanted to try out an idea using our silhouettes. We were both sceptical, but we really liked the final result, and ended up using them for our orders of service as well.

My advice to other brides is, don't feel like you have to do things in any particular way, than how you want them. We didn’t really have a wedding theme colour {other than touches of navy blue} or a wedding theme. For us the most important thing was celebrating with our family and friends.

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  1. Beautiful! Love the flowers!

  2. I loooove wedding marquees, they always seem so light and airy and give such a great light for wedding photos :0)

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