Saturday 4 June 2011

Your New Married Name - After the Big Day

In case you're new to Before the Big Day, I got married on Saturday {woohoo!}. And that means I have a brand new name - Georgia Tolley. I've always planned to take my husband's name, but I never realised how time consuming and complex it would be to make the changes. In the real world, there's passports, drivers' licences and bank accounts {what do you do in-between bank cards?!}, and then in the online world there's email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and the all important Before the Big Day Wedding Blog profile. Gargh!! As a quick reminder of why it's all worth it, here are a couple of sneaky-peak pictures from my wedding, taken by one of my best friend's Jemma Harding. My official wedding photographer is the fabulous Chloe from Caught the Light, but Jemma's a wedding photographer too, and she snapped a few {amazing} photographs for my wedding present. Official pictures from Chloe coming soon!!

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  1. You look beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful time xo

  2. You look lovely! Going crazy waiting for the photos though!


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