Tuesday 14 June 2011

My Wedding Favours: Fortune Tellers & Vintage Keys

Wedding favours are a touchy subject. Some people think they're naff, others think they're a waste of money. Personally I think they're another opportunity to personalise your wedding, with the added benefit of giving your guests a warm and fuzzy feeling. At our wedding, we chose to give everyone a vintage key and the girls got grey pashminas, handed out by our amazing wedding planner, Kerry Bracken, as the sun set. The keys fitted in with our secret garden wedding theme, and everyone loved them! Lots of the ladies are still wearing them round their wrists or as necklaces, so they were definitely a hit. My Boy also created wedding fortune tellers, which included a Q&A about our relationship, plus the menu. It was fantastic to see people working out how to use them as they sat down to dinner. For a fortune teller tutorial, click here and search for Cootie Catcher {that's what Americans call Fortune Tellers}. Alternatively, you can buy them via Etsy seller Kat's Crafts. Gorgeous sneak-peak pictures by Jemma Harding Photography.

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  1. just had to say - I'm American and used to make them ALL the time as a kid, and we NEVER called them cootie catchers...

  2. I don't remember what I called them, even though I made them all the time, but my older sister did call them cootie catchers. We're American.

  3. Also American- we called them Fortune Catchers :P

  4. Fortune Tellers here in America too :)

  5. Fortune Tellers here in the American South. ;) I'd never heard cootie catchers lol.

  6. It's so funny - I don't know where the 'cootie catchers' title came from!

    Editor, Before the Big Day


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