Monday 21 March 2011

Real Blue & White Baby's Breath Wedding: Mireille & Johnny

It's the baby's breath that makes this real wedding one of my favourites. I'm planning to buy clouds and clouds of it for my own wedding, as it's a great way to create a dramatic look without breaking the bank. Johnny and Mireille celebrated their big day in the summer sunshine of South Africa, in their hometown of Pretoria. I'm totally thrilled by Mireille's stunning short wedding dress and flat ballet pumps - I love a bride who combines chic with comfort. The happy couple chose a simple blue and white gingham as their signature colour, and used it to fantastic effect on their jam-pot favours. It's often the simple colour palette ideas that are most effective; stripes, spots or floral - if you pick one and carry it throughout the wedding details, it creates a very 'together' look. Gorgeous pictures published with thanks to We Love Pictures.

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  1. Nice pics... the short dress definately works for her. :)

  2. This is so sweet and shows that simple can be really stunning and really fun.


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