Thursday 10 March 2011

My DIY Wedding Stationery

When it comes to stationery, I'm slightly obsessive, and when it comes to invitations, I love to get creative. So when it came to my wedding stationery, I was always going to want to DIY it a bit. Well the invitations went out on Monday, and I'm really excited to show you these {rather badly taken} photographs. Everything about them, apart from the printing, was DIY'd, using punches, embossers, card and grey baker's twine. The lovely Darren at KopyKat Printing in Shoreditch ordered me my special bamboo card, and helped me get the hang of Quark, after I discovered my printer wouldn't accept thick card.

What do you think? My aim was to create a sense of anticipation for my guests, with invitations to each aspect of the wedding. We're having a London wedding for closest family, and a drinks on Sunday evening after the wedding, so I created invitations for those too. Ten couples will be staying with us in the Chateau, so I designed fun Do Not Disturb signs for them, and printed them on grey card from Paperchase on my home printer. If you're wondering about the gaps in the text, I've deleted some of specific details, just in case! If you really love the invitations, you can buy them from my new Etsy shop.

Invitation ready to send - front and back
Invitation and RSVP Postcard
Close-up of grey divine twine and key punched disc
Chateau Stay Invitation, Sunday Drinks Invitation & London Invitation
Everything! Including front and back of RSVP postacr
Key & Circle punch, plus T embosser

Update! Here are the pretty pictures of our wedding invitations, as taken by the lovely Caught the Light.

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  1. These are great! Well done, you! I finally got mine out yesterday....(sigh of relief). I couldn't have done it without my wonderful sister though who designed them for us.
    I love your 'do not disturb' signs! fab idea! Might have to steal that one!

  2. Wow I love the key and circle punch detail where you've bound the invite suite together, such a pretty touch to finish the look. I'm DIY-ing my invites too, and have been trying to think of how to make the ribbon tie a bit more quirky - definitely an idea I will be stealing! Brilliant!


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