Thursday 31 March 2011

Before the Big Day Wedding Theme: Love Birds?

There can't be that many twitchers in the world, but for the amount of winged heavenliness on the market, you'd think half the population were ornothologists. Even if you're not that keen on birds per se {pigeons - urgh!}, you'll be all of a twitter over these fantastic wedding ideas from online stores like Etsy and Cox & Cox. Grab your binoculars and your wellies, and get stuck in.

Product Credits {top row, left to right} 1.Cox & Cox, 2 & 5: Little Bird Paper, {bottom row, left to right} 3. Seasonal Delights, 4. The Gilded Bee

Photo Credits - Wellies: Nikole Ramsay  Product Credit - Bird Stencil: Confetti

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