Monday 3 May 2010

BBD Theme: Provence Honey

Inspired by my recent trip to Provence to search for wedding venues, all this week I'll be featuring foodie Before the Big Day wedding themes. Let's start this Bank Holiday Monday with honey. A sweet addition to your wedding, you can use pots of it as favours, honeycomb and bees as a motifs and shapes, and the rich yellow colour for your bridesmaids' dresses. I'm loving the products below to add a touch of honey to your big day - don't miss the special discounts for BBD readers, listed below!

Product Credits - {from top left}1. Beautiful Soaps, 2. Cultivar, 3. Nomsa, 4. Luxe Deluxe {from middle left} 1. Shop Rhubarb, 2. EM Wedding, 3. Ello There, 4. Beautiful Soaps {from bottom left} 1. MN Hince, 2. EM Wedding, 3. Belles For Her, 4. Lazy Giraffe

Photo Credits - {from top left} 1. Once Wed, 2. Jelson Jargon via Brooklyn Bride, 3. The Knot {from bottom left} 4. Brooklyn Bride, 5. The Knot

Product Credits - {from bottom left} 1. E Rosas Jewelry, 2. BriGuys Girls, 3. Lucky Duct, 4. Shop Rhubarb {from middle left} 1. Happy Hound {from bottom left} 1. Roundabout, 2. Timeless Paper, 3. Forest Candle Studio

We Offers - just mention Before the Big Day to get your discount.
Happy Hound & Lucky Duct are offering 10% off. 
Lazy Giraffe is offering 10% of their gorgeous jewellery.
MN Hince is offering free shipping on orders of their exquisite earrings and jewellery over $20.

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  1. Oh My Goodness!! I absolutely love bees and all things honeycomb. Thank you so much for including my hair clip in this stunning collection!!


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