Thursday 15 December 2011

Hey DJ - How to Choose Your Wedding Music

Wedding dancing. It's a whole genre of its own. But how can you guarantee your guests will fill the dance floor all night? Why not ask them for their favourite tracks? Leave these fab, free, print-your-own cards on the tables through dinner, and encourage your guests to fill them in during dinner. They'll make for a fantastic conversation starter, and you can ask one of the ushers to pick them up ahead of the cake-cutting. Huge thanks to the team at brilliant blog The Wedding Chicks for this inspirational idea. Click here for the template.

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  1. Love this idea - we are thinking of doing something similar for people to choose what the string quartet play during dinner / drinks ceremonies. our range of pop songs gets people quite excited and it's good to be 'told' what to play from time to time!
    Would love to do a guest blog on this topic at some stage....


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