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Thursday 22 August 2013

Five Ways To Get Your Wedding Guests Dancing

We went to a wedding a few years ago, where no one danced. I don't know why - they had a fantastic band and the alcohol was flowing freely, but the party never really got started. I really felt for the bride and groom, because you want your wedding to be a fantastic, memorable evening, {you've spent all that money}, and for me, a party isn't a party without a good dance. So here are five ways to persuade your guest to kick off their wedding shoes and get down and boogie.

{Wedding Photographer Credit} Matt Edge Photography

1. Don't leave it to chance. Don't think, 'oh I'll just let people put on their iPods'. Either hire a DJ and discuss what you want before your big day, or sit down and create your own song list. If you're DIY-ing, I really recommend joining Spotify. For £9.99 a month you can stream and download as many songs as you want. I'm not even that into music, and I create Playlists all the time. They seem to have every song you can imagine, including your guilty secrets {Grease anyone?}.

2. Ask your guests to send back two song suggestions with their RSVP slip. A couple of our friends did just this, and everyone danced like crazy. In fact, we had such a good night, we asked them for their song list, and gave it to our DJ as a guide. And then everyone danced like crazy at our wedding. You can take a look at our wedding playlist, but remember, it is three years old!

3. Encourage your girlfriends to kick of their heels, by providing free flip-flop wedding favours. They're super-cheap if bought in bulk {approx £2 per pair}, and if the girls are dancing, you can be sure the boys will follow.

4. Far me it for me to tell you what to choose as your First Dance. After all, I don't know all the heartfelt meaning behind 'Your Song'. But if at all possible, don't pick a slow one! The First Dance sets the tone for the evening, and if you want to party, don't pick something sway-able, you want a beat!

5. Tell your ushers and bridesmaids that one of their key tasks is to join you on the dance-floor after your First Dance, and to stay there for at least three songs. There's a tipping point at a party, where the shyer guests feel there's enough people dancing, for them to join in. You want your wedding party to create that tipping point.

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Saturday 28 January 2012

Before the Big Day Wedding Theme: Fancy Dress

Photographs can often become formulaic, especially wedding shots, so how about setting up a photobooth where guests can take pictures of themselves? Lots of American photographers are offering it as part of their packages, and I think it's time it came to the UK. One way of making the shots stand out is to offer your guests a fancy dress box. Then just sit back, and watch the hilarious shots roll in! My suggestions for super-cool props? Feather boas, vintage gold frames, wacky glasses and a couple of mini blackboards for messages. As ever, check out the offers on these items below....

Product Credits {top L to R} 1 & 2, MeriMask, 3. I Made You A Beard, 4. Something's Hiding Here, 5. Cox & Cox, {mid L to R} 1.Cox & Cox, 2. Leather Art Works {bottom L to R} 1. Glitz Concepts, 2. Jokers Masquerade, 3. Future Girl, 4.1 Handmade By Heather

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Thursday 15 December 2011

Hey DJ - How to Choose Your Wedding Music

Wedding dancing. It's a whole genre of its own. But how can you guarantee your guests will fill the dance floor all night? Why not ask them for their favourite tracks? Leave these fab, free, print-your-own cards on the tables through dinner, and encourage your guests to fill them in during dinner. They'll make for a fantastic conversation starter, and you can ask one of the ushers to pick them up ahead of the cake-cutting. Huge thanks to the team at brilliant blog The Wedding Chicks for this inspirational idea. Click here for the template.

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Tuesday 15 March 2011

Unusual Wedding Entertainment - Say It With Verse

What are you going to do at your wedding to entertain your guests? We've decided on a string quartet, followed by a DJ, but plenty of people choose to throw in all sorts of wedding entertainment, from magicians to caricaturists. David Walliams even had synchronised swimmers {be warned, they're pricey!}. If you're looking for something more original, why not say it with verse, via Noel Dollimore, The Wedding Sonneteer. You can hire him for your wedding where he works in costume, mingling with your guests, and delighting them with romantic poetry. Such a fantastic idea for a literary-themed wedding, or just as a surprise for your groom!

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Friday 14 May 2010

Hi-Fi Wedding

To band or not to band, that is the question.... or at least it's the question I'm asking right now. With over a year to go before my own big day, you'd think that I'd have more important things to think about, but I'm really worried we won't find a good band in the South of France. The alternative is a DJ, but how to choose the playlist?  Luckily, via the power of Twitter {follow me here}, I found out about Hi-Fi Weddings, a site specially designed to provide inspiration for your wedding mix. From the song for your walk down the aisle, to the very last dance, Hi-Fi Weddings encourages you to share your wedding playlist, or to gather ideas from other like-minded brides and grooms. Honestly, it's the best site ever!

Friday 22 January 2010

Get into Caricature

Want to make your wedding stand out from the rest? Why not try an usual entertainer to keep your guests giggling during the reception? Josie Camus is a fabulous caricature artist - on the spot, she'll sketch anyone, and give them the picture to take away. How's that for a fantastic, personalised favour? And if you're hiring her for your big day, you could even ask her for a portrait of you and your husband to add to the invitations, or have made into a stamp to decorate paper goods like napkins. The possibilities are endless!

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Interesting Additions

Wedding receptions can become a little predictable - the drunken uncle in the corner, the bridesmaids making a den under the top table, the ushers trying to do the Moonwalk.  Bring back a bit of brilliance to your big day with a few of these ideas, starting with a personalised picture booth.  Add a fancy dress box (fake moustaches, plastic lobsters) and you'll have them queuing out the door.

Give flagging guests a sugar rush with sweet treats like ice-cream and candy-floss trikes, plus the ever-popular chocolate fountains from Ideas Box.

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