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Friday 13 March 2015

Seven Favourite Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Wedding days are all about making memories, and you're going to want to get as much down on film and paper as possible! Top of my 'what I'd rescue if the house was on fire list' is our wedding guest book. Nearly everyone who came to our wedding took a silly polaroid picture of themselves, and stuck it in the book with a lovely message. When I'm having one of 'those' days, there's nothing more uplifting than a quick flick through it. Now, there's all sorts of creative ideas for recording your guests, from jigsaws to collages, but my favourite is still a beautifully bound book. Take a look at my top picks this month.

{I want this!} Wedding Guest Book or Photo Album, £35 by ONR.

Monday 10 February 2014

Introducing My GuestWall for Your Wedding Guests' Photos & Messages

I don't know about you, but my iPhone is pretty much glued to my hand. I'm always tweeting, taking pictures, Instagram-ing and Facebook-ing. And never more than at a wedding! All those fantastic shots of all my friends in their wedding finery, and the pretty details - you can imagine as a wedding blogger, I'm all over those! But after your big day, all those amazing pictures gradually disappear into social media feeds, never to see the light of day again. Well, that's unless you sign up to the brilliant new service called My GuestWall.

This genius company has come up with a brilliant, easy-to-use idea, and it's taking the wedding world by storm. All you do is tell your guests you're using My GuestWall,{they'll give you special personalised cards}, and give them your special email address, and Twitter or Instagram hashtag. Then, whenever your guests share photos or messages via email, Twitter or Instagram, My GuestWall will collect them in real-time, and add them to your personal website and online gallery. The BEST thing is, you can then display them on a large screen during your wedding reception - amazing! I just wish My GuestWall had been invented in time for my wedding! For a fantastic 50% discount, use the code BIGDAY {until 28th Feb}, and if your friends are getting married this year, why not give it to them as a present? It's like the gift of memory!!

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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Five Fantastic Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Last week I was sorting out the chaos of books on our coffee table, and I re-discovered our wedding guest book. It's chock-full of hilarious polaroid pictures, and ever-more surreal messages, as the evening went on, and our guests got more tipsy. It's a wonderful trip down memory lane, and we've only been married for two years! The difficulty with guest books is persuading your friends and family to take time out from all the fun they're having, to actually write a message. We've had friends who've bought round their book after their big day, because we failed to write in it on the actual event. One failsafe method is to add a polaroid camera {like we did}. At least then you'll have some sort of photographic record! Or you could try one of these gorgeous creative ideas from my favourite Etsy sellers. They're so pretty, your guests can't fail to want to write in them! P.S. I considered a big wooden sign for our own wedding, but we'd already hired a van to get all our wedding stuff out to France, and I had to stop somewhere!

{I want this!} 3D Heart Wedding Guest Book by Mio Gallery

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