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Friday 20 November 2015

For Eternity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a constant source of fascination for me. There are very few objects in the world that symbolise so much - they represent a choice, a promise, hope for the future, and of course love. I've long been a fan of the solitaire diamond - to me, the single gemstone meant my husband had chosen his one love. But now I'm intrigued by the new trend in eternity rings - and they way they look forward to the future. This diamond band by Silly Shiny Diamonds is particularly pretty - would you choose an eternity ring for your engagement?

{I want this!} Diamond Eternity Ring, £560 by Silly Shiny Diamonds

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Thursday 13 February 2014

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, jewellers across the land are preparing for an influx of nervous grooms, looking to choose the perfect ring for a very successful engagement proposal. My husband stuck to tradition, and chose me a stunning solitaire diamond, representing strength and everlasting love. But what if you want something a little different, a little bit quirky? Rubies work well for a Valentine's Day proposal - with their rich red colour, they represent desire and devotion. Sapphires are just as expensive as diamonds, and I love the deep blue stone in Kate Middleton's engagement ring. Plus, the stones represent reliability and steadfastness, two attributes you'd definitely want in a husband! Meanwhile, if you've been with your future husband for a long while, or you've met later in life, an emerald engagement ring would be perfect, as the stones symbolise a mature and constant love. The other option is to ignore the symbolism completely, and just choose the colour you like the most!! Which gemstone would you choose?

{Photo Credit} Awake Photography - see more of this amazing window-themed engagement shoot

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Monday 3 February 2014

The Perfect Engagement Ring

With the start of February, you know it's not far away....Valentine's Day's a-coming, and across the land, men are preparing to propose! I know it's all become terribly commercialised, but I'm a sucker for romance, and anything that promotes love has got to be a good thing in my book. I've chatted to loads of guys about why they didn't propose sooner, and a big reason is the expense of the engagement ring. They just don't realise, that with rings, we don't mind! We just want to get engaged, and you can always save up for a big and better rock later!! So personally, if I was getting engaged all over again - I'd like this one from Artemar please. Simple, chic, and completely adorable.

{I want this!} Dual Stone Horseshoe Engagement Ring, £405.77 by Artemar

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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Introducing Genesis Diamonds Engagement Rings

This week on the wedding blog is turning out to be engagement themed! After yesterday's gorgeous engagement shoot, today is all about incredible diamond engagement rings. If you're yet to chose your sparkler, or you're sneakily checking out the blog before your boyfriend's popped the question, then I really recommend Genesis Diamonds. They have the most incredible selection of engagement rings, by fabulous designers, including my favourites Tacori {for some seriously bling-tastic rings} and Simon G {if you're looking for something subtle and elegant}. All their diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free, and if you want to pay over several years, they even offer financing - yippee for a bigger rock!! Since I've already got my engagement ring and wedding ring, I've got my eye on their eternity rings....{here's hoping my husband reads this feature}.

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