Monday 1 June 2020

Why You NEED Donuts at Your Wedding

Okay so maybe 'need' is a strong word, and perhaps we mean sweet-treats rather than just donuts, but the truth is that after a few hours, your guests are going to need a pick-me-up. Weddings last for HOURS, and while it'll pass in a flash for you and your husband, there might be a few moments that drag for your guests.

Rainbow Donut Wall by Belle Epoque Co
One way to avoid that, is to keep surprising them. Add an extra twist, whether it's food or entertainment. A massive dessert buffet is a fab grazing option, and a sugar rush is a great way to fill the dance floor. Fireworks literally add oomph to your big day, and sparklers are a fun budget option. 

Hire a magician to spice up your champagne reception, or create a series of 'rooms' for your guests to move through, as the day progresses. One wedding we attended had a secret curtain that dropped after the speeches, revealing an amazing night-club space complete with disco balls and revolving dance floor.

Ombre Donut Display Wall by Inspired by Alma
But if that all sounds a bit too expensive....go for a donut wall. Everyone likes donuts.

{Donut picture by Brooke Lark}

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