Sunday 21 June 2020

Five Favourite UK Boutique Wedding Stationers

Is there anything more exciting than receiving a beautiful handwritten letter? Or even better, a weighty brown paper parcel? I'm pretty certain that's why online delivery has grown in popularity. Yes, it's convenient, but who doesn't love getting presents in the post, even when you've sent them to yourself.

Your wedding invitation should create that same level of anticipatory excitement, a promise of what's to come. My favourite style is traditional, and admittedly expensive. The elegant card envelope should be filled with not just the invitation, but also a programme detailing timings, places to stay and route recommendations. Add in a stamped postcard for RSVP's, and perhaps a second invitation for a Rehearsal Dinner or Recovery BBQ. Tie them all up with candy-coloured baker's twine, and you've built up a sense of occasion, something that can never be achieved with an email invitation.

British stationers are among the best in the world, with historic printing styles and innovative card stock. Here are a few of the design houses you should consider for inspiration. You can either order your invitation set off the peg, or if you're a true stationery aficionado, you might want to work with your stationer on a bespoke design.

Gray Starling
White Olive Designs
{Top & Bottom Pictures:} Herbal Infusion Collection by A Little Pigment

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