Wednesday, 27 May 2020

This Wedding Dress Will Make You Consider Going Grey

For the last decade modern brides have been throwing tradition to the wind, and choosing different coloured dresses. White always symbolised virginity, innocence and purity, but now that women are making their own choices and getting married later, those messages seem pretty out of date.

Wedding dress styles evolve in much the same way as mainstream fashion, and the big designers create several collections each year. In the midst of all the creams and whites, they usually add in a wild card gown, and it's always fun to see what they come up with each season. This autumn, Pronovias are stocking a selection of metallic gowns and US brand BHLDN have even created a black wedding dress.

Here at Before the Big Day, we've fallen for this gorgeous Anna Campbell creation, called the Indigo Midnight Empress. Anna is an Australian designer, but you can buy her gowns in Blackburn Bridal in London. Autumn and winter brides will feel the chill, so we suggest pairing it with this cosy grey fur coat, which would look gorgeous in your outdoor portraits. 

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